Stop bee-killing pesticides, Dutch parliament says

This video from the USA is called Tom Theobald looks at Neonicotinoid insecticides and the mass-death of bee colonies.

From Wildlife Extra:

Dutch Parliament calls for European suspension on dangerous pesticides

Neonicotinoid pesticide ban call from Dutch Parliament

January 2013. The Dutch Parliament has called for a complete suspension on the use of Neonicotinoids following a recent report by the European Food Safety Authority highlighting the insecticides as ‘high risk’ to honeybees and unknown risk to wild pollinators.

Matt Shardlow, Buglife CEO, said “Buglife welcomes this decision and urges the UK government to suspend Neonicotinoids and apply pressure on the European Union to follow suit. Action needs to be taken now to suspend Neonicotinoids in order to protect our wild bees, hoverflies, moths and other pollinators. The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has already committed to make a decision on the UK future of Neonicotinoids in January and Buglife is eagerly awaiting that decision.”

Wildlife charity, Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust has been campaigning to ban the use of Neonicotinoids since 2009. Numerous scientific studies have shown the harmful effects these insecticides have on pollinating insects such as bumblebees, flies and butterflies yet Defra has not taken preventative action.

New synthetic chemicals

Neonicotinoid pesticides are a comparatively new group of synthetic chemicals related to Nicotine that are highly toxic to insects. They are used as a coating for agricultural seeds and in pot plants. The chemicals spread throughout the plant and into the nectar and pollen that bees then eat. Scientific evidence presented in the new report shows that bees eating nectar and pollen contaminated with imidacloprid (the commonest neonicotinoid) then forage less and produce fewer offspring. Other research has shown that imidacloprid levels in rivers can cause deformities in growing mayflies.

Study Reveals Threats Posed by Common Pesticides: here.

23 thoughts on “Stop bee-killing pesticides, Dutch parliament says

  1. I’m gonna call you Kitty ( I think Anne has no problem with that 😉

    This is such an important issue! 2 years ago I worked on a farm in a southern country. The earth around this farm has never been touched by chemicals. True god’s land, if you know what I mean. The richness of being able to cultivate vegetables and fruits and have insect come to do their job , is a true gift.
    Shame on all those ignorant people who still buy vegetables and fruits from big companies who are the creators and promotors of this pesticide problem.
    These little fellows are so important.
    It all starts with : think about what you are really eating. And think about what you plant in your garden! Take a moment out of your busy schedule and realize what it is that you can change for a change!
    It would be great if Europe could make this change and show how it should be done to other countries.

    Great post, thank you
    kindest regards


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  14. vrijdag 10 mei 2013 15.03

    Intratuin heeft laten weten per direct drie producten uit de schappen te halen omdat deze in verband worden gebracht met bijensterfte. Lokale afdelingen van Milieudefensie zijn blij dat Intratuin een eerste stap heeft gezet, maar laten weten dat er nog veel meer producten zijn waar het omstreden neonicotinoïdengif in zit.

    De afdelingen van Milieudefensie zijn onlangs een handtekeningenactie gestart om Intratuin ertoe te bewegen al het gif dat in verband wordt gebracht met bijensterfte uit de schappen te halen. Binnen een week zijn er duizenden handtekeningen verzameld.

    Teruglopende bijenstand
    “Het is mooi dat Intratuin in beweging komt en het probleem erkent.” aldus Danny Jaspers van Milieudefensie Arnhem. “Maar het gaat niet alleen om deze drie producten. Veel meer producten bevatten gif dat bijdraagt aan de bijensterfte.” Het gaat dan met name om producten met neonicotinoïden. Dit zenuwgif wordt in verband gebracht met de teruglopende bijenstand.

    Kijk voor meer informatie op


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