Wild bee hotels for football clubs

This video from Britain is called Make your own Bug Hotel with the Horniman Museum.

This Dutch video shows Klaas-Jan Huntelaar about his ten most beautiful goals, scored while playing for Ajax Amsterdam football club.

Translated from the site of Dutch footballer Klaas-Jan Huntelaar:

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar helps the bees, come and help too!

Together with your [football] club you can very easily help by putting a bee hotel on your club ground. The bee hotel is only suitable for wild bees and not for wasps. Wild bees are not aggressive, you can look at them from a close distance. But they are very important for nature, for our food and thus also for us.

Wild bees

Thanks to the bees we can eat apples, strawberries, pears and many other types of fruit and vegetables. But things are not going well for the bees. Many bees are threatened by pesticides. There is also a shortage of food because there are too few flowers with pollen. Wild bees lay their eggs in all kinds of holes, in reed, in wood or in the ground. Because our gardens, borders around fields or football grounds are very well maintained, the bees need artificial places to make nests.

Klaas-Jan would like to do something! And so can you!

A bee hotel provides a place for a wild bee to lay eggs. Wild bees are not honeybees and live alone. Therefore the wild bees won’t sting you, because they don’t need to protect a colony. Also, the sting is not strong enough to pierce through the skin.

The contents of our package for bees are:

A bee hotel that you can hang yourself
Flower seeds for flowers which bees like to feed on
A guide with information about hotels for bees, why bees are important and how you can do more
Bee Search Maps so you can see which bee species there are in your bee hotel

Be(e) quick!

There are 100 packages available for the football clubs who register first. The packages have a value of 15.00 euro and are sent free. The only thing which we ask in return is a picture of you with the bee hotel in the place where you have put it in your club ground, citing your club name to niek@klaasjanhuntelaarfoundation.nl.

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