Stranded humpback whale gets painkiller

This video is about the beached humpback whale.

Translated from Ecomare museum on Texel island, the Netherlands:


Yesterday, the Department of Economic Affairs which includes agriculture instructed two veterinarians to go and look at the humpback whale. When they found that the animal was suffering unbearably, the Ministry commissioned them to get the animal to sleep with a painkiller. They have done that on site. Today Mayor Giskes and an expert of Economic Affairs will look at the humpback. The expert will report to the Ministry how things are now with the animal.

Yesterday, there were messages on the Internet that the doctors had supposedly killed the whale.

It looks like that is not true. Ecomare said that the only way one can euthanize a big whale is with explosives; and they did not want that.

UPDATE: Ecomare says that maybe now an already dead sperm whale has beached on the same island. This could not be verified yet.

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