Jordanian bosses don’t pay woman worker, husband’s treetop protest

This video from the USA says about itself:

Hours Worked Hours Paid 2

Pay for Travel Time, Uniform Changes, Set Up and Take Down, and Other Times When Pay Must be Provided.

From Emirates 24/7 in the United Arab Emirates:

Sri Lankan man’s tree-top protest

He alleges his wife’s employers in Jordan are not paying her nor letting her return home

By Correspondent

Published Thursday, December 13, 2012

A man climbed a huge tree in protest to get his wife down from Jordan who is not paid her salary for several months.

The incident which took place on December 11, at Havelock Town, Gower Street, Colombo, where the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) is located.

The man from Nugathenna, Thunmodara area, at about 11.45pm climbed the tree to protest.

According to Gossiplanka website, the husband of the maid employed in Jordan, has complained to the SLFEB officials several times about his wife’s employer who is not paying her salary and not letting her return to Sri Lanka.

According to him, the plea to repatriate her from Jordan fell on deaf ears.

Unable to resist further, the angry man climbed the tallest tree in the vicinity of the SLFEB in protest. He was screaming at the officials to listen to his plea.

Police officials rushed to the scene and held discussions with the man who continued sitting on the tree branch.

They promised that they would take action regarding his wife.

On that promise the man climbed down the tree ending his protest.

Advocacy group says unpaid wages main reason for domestic helpers to flee Jordan: here.

Migrant Domestic Worker Wins Lawsuit For First Time in Lebanon: here.

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