29 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Walmart supplier fire kills workers

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  4. Parliament paves way for Wal-Mart invasion

    Sunday 09 December 2012

    India’s parliament finally approved the government’s plans to open up the country’s retail sector to international retailers such as Wal-Mart on Friday.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government won the vote in the upper house of parliament.

    A loss would have been a major embarrassment for the government but would not have stopped the measure from being implemented after the Cabinet decided in September to allow foreign companies to own 51 per cent stakes in supermarkets and other big retailers.

    Individual states will still be able decide whether to let the retailers operate in their territory.

    So far 10 states have said they will not allow the big retail sharks in, warning that the new policy will crush small Indian retailers.

    Measures such as allowing foreign investments in the pension sector and relaxing the cap on overseas investments in insurance are now likely to be placed before parliament during the current session.



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