Bangladeshi factory fire scandal continues

This video is called Thousands mourn Bangladesh fire victims.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Blaze factory had produced goods for Western firms

Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Bangladeshi factory devastated by a deadly fire on Saturday provided goods to Western firms including Wal-Mart and Disney, it emerged today.

An Associated Press reporter also found evidence that some Western companies were aware of safety failures at the garment factory where 112 workers perished.

Wal-Mart had received an audit deeming the Tazreen factory “high risk” after which it says it cancelled its contract, but said a supplier had continued using it.

Garment workers’ demonstrations over the fire rolled into their third day today with factories closed due to road blocks and stone-throwing.

Police arrested three factory officials after reports that workers trying to flee the eight-floor factory – which had no fire exit – had been locked into the building.

The deadly price of cheap clothes: here.

9 thoughts on “Bangladeshi factory fire scandal continues

  1. Greed-Mart knew dam well what factory they were using how many slaves were employed and much it cost them down to the last life and penny!


    • And if they, as they claim, did not know, then they are incompetent and unfit to lead a multinational business empire. This is not just an issue about Wal-Mart, but also about other multinational corporations involved in Bangladesh.


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