Pakistani workers killed by bosses’ greed

This video is about deathly factory fires in Pakistan.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Over 300 die in factory blazes

Wednesday 12 September 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

Pakistani workers died in their hundreds yesterday night after health and safety breaches by bosses left them at the mercy of a massive factory inferno.

Officials reported that 289 were killed in the blaze at a garment factory in Baldia Town, western Karachi. Emergency services warned that toll could rise still further.

Terrified workers at the five-storey building tried to flee the flames and smoke only to discover that all the exits were locked, leaving only one way out.

Tens of twisted bodies were discovered lifeless in the basement where they had sought refuge before succumbing to scorching smoke.

Colleagues on the upper floors found their way blocked by barred windows.

Those who could jumped in a desperate attempt to save their lives.

One was a young pregnant woman who was injured in the fall.

Another, Mohammad Ilyas, said from his hospital bed that the first he knew of the fire was when a massive fireball erupted up the staircase.

“Some of us quickly took tools and machines to break the iron bars,” he said. “That was how we managed to jump out of the windows.”

However the charred remains of other workers were clearly visible stuck between the bars where they died.

Police were hunting the factory’s managers who fled after the blaze.

Grieving Nizam-ud-Din, whose nephew died in the fire, said: “The owner of the factory should also be burned to death the way our dear ones have.”

A further 25 people died on the same night at in a blaze at an illegal shoe factory in Lahore.

Most reportedly died after becoming trapped. There was no fire escape.

Pakistan factory fires kill over 300 workers: here.

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