6 thoughts on “Bangladeshi workers intimidated by bosses

  1. Dear friends,

    Benetton is deciding right now whether to pay its fair share to help the victims of the horrific factory collapse or hold on to every cent of its profits. Public pressure worked last year and it will again — if we make Benetton pay, we can change how clothing giants treat their workers forever. Click to sign and share with everyone:

    Right now, major fashion labels like Benetton are deciding if they’ll pay their fair share to help the victims of the horrific Bangladesh factory collapse one year ago — or just weather the media storm and keep squeezing enormous profits out of workers employed in slave-like conditions. Together we can tip the balance.

    More than 1,000 workers were crushed under the rubble, and a huge global outcry forced major brands to sign an agreement to stop future disasters and set up a victim’s relief fund. Shockingly, thousands of families are still waiting for the money they desperately need. But this week we can turn the first anniversary of the tragedy into a massive media storm that makes Benetton pay their fair share.

    What happens now could change how clothing giants treat their workers forever. If we make Benetton pay, others will follow. Click to sign and share with everyone — when we reach 1 million, Avaaz will biltz the media and deliver our voices straight to Benetton’s new CEO:


    The victims of the Rana Plaza sweatshop collapse were labourers making cheap clothes for major western retailers for a pittance — and now many of those retailers are refusing to pay into the Compensation Fund set up to help the families destroyed in the collapse. The $40 million fund is still short $25 million — almost two-thirds of the total it needs.

    Some companies have paid their share, but Benetton and others are still making excuses and refusing to hold up to their end of the agreement. Benetton is already feeling the heat after investigative reporters exposed it for failing to report the names of the factories where it makes its clothes for cheap. Now, let’s magnify that pressure a million-fold!

    Last year, public pressure convinced companies to sign on to a binding safety code to save future workers’ lives. Let’s show Benetton and other retail giants the world is still watching — and that their brand image will suffer if they don’t pay their share. Sign now to get justice for the Rana Plaza victims and share with everyone:


    After the building collapse last year, our community mobilised in massive numbers to force the world’s leading labels like H&M to sign up to a Fire and Safety Accord in order to prevent any more needless deaths in the pursuit of profit. Now, let’s come together once again to demand compensation for the families still waiting for help.

    With hope and determination,

    Allison, Oli, Aldine, Luis, Will, Sayeeda, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

    More information:

    Primark to pay £6m more to victims of Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh (The Guardian)

    3 Retailers Give Aid to Bangladesh Workers (NYT)

    A Year Later, Bangladesh Factory-Collapse Victims Still Wait for Compensation (The Wall Street Journal)

    Battling for a Safer Bangladesh (NYT)

    US retailers’ donation to Bangladesh fund ‘paltry’ (The Guardian)

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