Lebanese domestic workers demonstrate

This video says about itself:

DREAMS FOR SALE (Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon)

8 September 2014

This video is based on a report that examines the processes and practices pertaining to the recruitment of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) from Nepal and Bangladesh and explores their work and living conditions in Lebanon.

Executive Summary in English here.

With the support of Anti-Slavery International

Animation by Nayla Gedeon

From the World Socialist Web Site, 13 May 2013:

Last weekend, several hundred migrant domestic workers staged a march through the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The overwhelmingly female domestic staff, mainly from the Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, were protesting against their working conditions.

Under the kafala system, domestic staff are sponsored by their Lebanese employer, the family they work for, and are not allowed to move jobs and are not covered by Lebanese legislation relating to working conditions. This leaves them open to mistreatment and abuse. There are instances of suicide among domestic staff resulting from their mistreatment. Although domestic staff set up a union last year, it is not recognised by the Lebanese Labour Ministry.

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