Liebster Blog Award, thanks MisBehaved Woman!

Liebster Blog Award

MisBehaved Woman was so kind to nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks so much!

“This award is to promote quality blogs & to help promote the work of bloggers who may not have a large following. Part of getting this award is giving it forward and to award it to 3-5 blogs you enjoy that have under 200 followers.”

MisBehaved Woman has been extra good to me, as: 1. This is the first time I got that award. 2. When she nominated me, already over 290 people had subscribed to my blog.

Presumably, one should add the Liebster Blog Award picture to the post on the award. Done.

Here are my nominees (I am not sure whether I have kept to the 200 or less rule, as not all blogs list their number of followers) (I have linked to the nominees’ blogs. I will notify them at their blogs):

1. Tom Simard


3. slicethelife

4. Gaffelioyet’s Blog

5. willandmegan

The receiver of the award should copy & answer the questions below.

My answers are:

1. What’s your favorite word in the English language?


2. What are you listening to as you write the answer to this question (if not music, what sounds)?

Ring-necked parakeet calls outside.

3. What was the last thing you ate that you really, really enjoyed?

Indonesian nasi goreng.

4. You’re at a job interview, and the interviewer asks you to make him laugh. What do you do or say?

If the job interview is for resident comedian or circus clown, then I will oblige. Otherwise not.

5. The world is about to blow up, but you’re being saved, and are allowed to take five things to another planet (aside from the clothes you are currently wearing), where you and only 999 other people will now exist (ignore the bleakness of this question). What do you take?

My true love. My binoculars. My laptop. My bird book. My astronomy book.

6. What’s your favorite drink to consume first thing in the morning?

Pineapple juice.

7. What was the last book to make you cry?

Anne Frank’s diary. A book on the persecution of Jews by Hitler’s nazis.

8. What’s the most ridiculous or silliest way you’ve been injured?

Injuring my knee and wrist at the Rembrandt commemoration.

9. What’s your favorite city in the world? Why?

Cacela Velha in Portugal. It is not really a city, it’s a small town. With beautiful historical buildings, memories of poetry, red-rumped swallows which I saw for the first there. And it was also my first time ever to see two lesser spotted woodpeckers together.

10. What’s the most embarrassing album in your music collection? (Be honest)

If I think that something has become embarrassing, then I give it away or dump it; then I forget its name 🙂

11. To borrow an old line from a Crowded House song, would you rather a mansion in the slums or a caravan in the hills (i.e. a nice house in a not nice area, or a tiny living space but with views)?

A caravan in the hills, if there is beautiful nature in those hills.

And one more round, if you so choose…

1. How long have you blogged?

Since January 2005. I had to move blogs three times because relatively small hosts were bought by one or another big business, which invariably ruined it.

2. What is your talent you are most proud of?

Telling people about beautiful things which I have seen.

3. You wake up in a shaggy hotel in a city of your choice with your best friend and a complete stranger of the opposite sex. There’s a kitchen-battle-axe on the floor with blood on it and an owl in the bathroom. What has happened?

Someone opened the bathroom window.

4. What’s your favorite day of the week?

Any day with lots of wildlife.

5. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

An Arctic tern. They fly every year from the Arctic to the Antarctic. So, they are the birds which see most of the world.

6. What are you doing for your living?

Writing on my computer.

7. Where would you take me in your hometown, if I would visit you?

To the old medieval castle, where you would have a fine view.

8. What is your favorite sound?

A bluethroat singing.

9. Do you have a celebrity crush? Who is it?

Diana Ross, when I was small.

10. What is the first web-site you go to when you open your browser?

Dear Kitty. Some blog.

11. What languages do you speak?

English, German, French, … Bahasa Indonesia, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian very badly.

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