Anne Frank rose in Britain for first time

Anne Frank rose

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Anne Frank rose planted in Britain for first time

Thursday 26 January 2012

The first rose named after 15-year-old Holocaust victim Anne Frank to be planted in Britain was unveiled today on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Farhad Vahidi, an Iranian refugee who is seeking asylum in Britain with his family, planted the rose at the Jewish Museum garden in Manchester.

It was part of a Holocaust Memorial Day event linked with Manchester-based Refugee and Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research.

The flower, grafted from a rose made in the year of Anne’s birth in 1929 and another made in the year of her death, was created in Europe in 1960.

Anne was born in Germany but lived most of her life in the Netherlands. Her diary detailing her life under nazi occupation in World War II gained posthumous international fame.

Mormon Baptism Targets Anne Frank — Again: here.

Spare Us From Petty Political Hacks: A South Florida Holocaust Center Under Siege: here.

14 thoughts on “Anne Frank rose in Britain for first time

  1. Muslim showing for holocaust film

    TURKEY: State television broadcast an epic French documentary about the mass murder of Jewish people under the nazi regime on Thursday night to mark international Holocaust Remembrance Day — the first time the film has been aired on public television in a majority-Muslim country.

    Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah has been subtitled into Arabic, Farsi and Turkish by the Paris-based Aladdin project to promote understanding between Jewish and Muslim communities and to fight Holocaust denial.


  2. Thank you very much for the post. It is important to always remember and to keep educating those that do not know. 67 years is like yesterday for those that lost everything. – DogDaz


  3. Dutch royals baptised as Mormons by proxy after their deaths

    Wednesday 09 May 2012

    Several members of the Dutch royal family have been posthumously ‘baptised’ into the Mormon church, Trouw reports on Wednesday, quoting church documents.

    The documents show prince Claus, prince Bernhard and princess Juliana were all ‘baptised’ as Mormons after their deaths. Mormons believe the proxy baptism ritual allows deceased people from other religions to enter the afterlife.

    Prince Claus’ baptism took place two year after his death in 2002 at a Mormon temple in Brazil. This may have been done by ‘over-enthusiastic members’, Hans Boom, spokesman for the Mormon church in the Netherlands told the paper.

    The state information service declined to comment on the claims. Boom told Trouw he could not imagine there would be objections because it is a ‘gesture of love’. There are some 8900 Mormons in the Netherlands.


    In addition, the paper reports that the Mormon church has offered the 12 Dutch provinces to digitally scan all their births, marriages and deaths records for use on computers, free of charge.

    However, the aim of this is to collect more names to baptise by proxy, the paper says.

    Gelderland has agreed to have its archives digitalised but Utrecht has refused and Overijssel has doubts, the paper states.

    Last year there were claims that Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who wrote a diary while in hiding in Amsterdam during World War II had been baptised a Mormon by proxy, creating anger among Jewish groups.



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