Bluethroat and reed buntings of the Naardermeer

This is a bluethroat video.

12 May 2008, to the Naardermeer nature reserve.

In the marsh on the opposite side of the road: many shelducks; grey lag geese; northern lapwings; mallards; gadwall.

And a female reed bunting.

A bit further in the Naardermeer reserve, grey lag geese and barnacle geese, both with goslings.

Redshanks on the mud.

Pied wagtail.

A male shoveler swimming.

One of many singing male reed buntings of today.

A bit lower in the vegetation, a male bluethroat.

Cuckoo and reed warbler sounds.

From a hide, great egret and female mandarin duck.

We go to the next hide, De Wijde Blik.

Sedge warbler and grasshopper warbler singing.

Egyptian geese and great cormorants.

We walk on. Brimstone butterfly and buzzard flying. A juvenile edible frog in a ditch.

Then, back to the Wijde Blik.

A speckled wood butterfly between the trees.

On the water, coots and male tufted duck.

Mating dragonflies. A fine view of singing reed bunting and sedge warbler.

At the next hide, shelduck and little grebe. A bit further, a roe deer.

Finally, a small tortoiseshell butterfly on a yellow flower.

FEMALE LARK BUNTINGS—medium-sized sparrows that breed throughout the Midwest [in the USA]—show strong preferences for males with certain physical traits: here.

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