Mitt Romney, president for the 1%, video

This humourous video from the USA says about itself:

Pickpocket :30 TV ad

Mitt Romney‘s creepy hand wants your $2k to pay for tax breaks for his millionaire and billionaire friends. Tell Mitt Romney: Get your hand out of my pocket!

An ART NOT WAR Production

Romney’s tax plan a boon for the rich, study says: here.

Ryan confirms he turned over “several” years of tax returns to Romney: here.

Will the Influence the Mormon Church has over Mitt Romney ever be Questioned? Here.

Romney’s Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Millions From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities: here.

Bain Capital linked to death squads? Here.

Romney Still Reaps Huge Profits From Bain’s Vulture Capitalism: here.

Romney event hosted by convicted cocaine trafficker: here.

Romney Uses Banksters’ Money to Play Race Card: here.

13 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, president for the 1%, video

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