15 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and Monsanto

  1. If Mitt Romney were to stand before the American people and declare, “It is my most solemn belief that water is wet,” I would immediately jump into the shower to make sure.

    The funny part is, so would his entire campaign staff, but not before poring over their paperwork to see if the candidate had ever told a crowd of Tea Party yahoos that water was, in fact, dry, because that’s what they wanted to hear. That might sound silly, but if Mitt ever saw a sign in one of his crowds that read, “Watr is drie, Obuma is from Kenia, keep your govorment hands off my Midicare,” he’d probably change his stance on moisture right on the spot, and dozens of soaked campaign staffers would have to find a change of clothes.

    It’s funny … except it’s not. There are not enough hours in the day to keep track of the river of outright nonsense and gibberish that has been flowing out of the Romney campaign over the last several weeks.

    Obama has not cornered the market on truthfulness by any stretch of the imagination either, and keeping track of it all does leave us, from time to time, feeling like we want to eat our own teeth. But here at Truthout, it is our job to document this mess, to call out the lies from whatever side of the aisle when they come, and to make damned sure you know what the truth really is.

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