Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam at last

This video says about itself:

US starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam

The $41m project was inaugurated at a former US air base near the city of Danang.

For thousands of babies in Vietnam, however, the cleanup is decades too late.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane explains.

The United States finally began to clean up the defoliant Agent Orange today – 50 years after it was first sprayed by US planes on Vietnam‘s jungles: here. See also here.

6 thoughts on “Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam at last

  1. The clean-up is fine but 51 years late. What of the thousands who died, what of those still suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, how can you clean the body of a person affected?

    It would help if the US Govt, Monsanto and Dow Chemical accepted responsibility and paid compensation to the millions of Vietnamese victims and their families.


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