Romney’s far right speech on economics

Romney and Bain Capital, cartoon

By Joseph Kishore in the USA:

Romney outlines right-wing agenda in acceptance speech

31 August 2012

Mitt Romney officially accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for president on Thursday evening, in a speech before the national convention in Tampa, Florida. The speech concluded a three-day convention during which the Republicans put on display the right-wing program upon which they are campaigning.

The Republican platform is significant not simply for what it says about the party—a deeply reactionary organization—but the entire American political system. Amid the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the ruling class, represented by both big business parties, is moving to escalate attacks on the working class.

In terms of policy, the main focus of the Republican campaign is the “economy”—i.e., demands for further corporate deregulation, the elimination of all constraints on profit-making, and the dismantling of Medicare and other social programs to further enrich the financial aristocracy. The Obama administration has pursued these policies over the past four years, and the Republicans are working to shift the political debate even further to the right.

Romney, a former CEO of an asset-stripping firm with a personal fortune of some $200 million, cynically expressed his concern for high levels of unemployment, declining wages, and record poverty. This comes from a candidate who personifies Wall Street speculation and is on record declaring that he is “not concerned about poor people!”

To supposedly address the economic crisis, Romney outlined a five-point program that includes: the ending of restrictions on energy corporations; “school choice,” i.e., the further dismantling and privatization of public education; a harder line on China and other competitors of US capitalism; a massive program of austerity; and the reduction of taxes on businesses.

Kristol Blasts Romney For Not Mentioning The War: here.

17 thoughts on “Romney’s far right speech on economics

  1. “The time of leaders has passed and the age of governments is ending. We’re not looking to the past but to the future. We don’t need gods and goddesses for we are women – we gave birth to humanity and we’ll solve our own problems.”


  2. I can understand why millionaires would support Romney and the Republican program. But why all the other poor flag-waving slobs get carried along remains a mystery.


  3. The paradoxes between American idealism and the American way of life, with so much fear, paranoia, violence and poverty never ceases to astonish me. With millions of people living rough, there is nothing in this Republican programme which offers anything to them and others struggling..where is the strategy for creating job, sharing wealth, protecting the sick, the weak, the children… I could go on, but there’s no point…


    • “Sharing wealth” is sort of a term of abuse in Republican partyspeak. They have the “trickle down” theory: if you make millionaires even richer, then these millionaires will graciously let some of their wealth trickle down to poor people. The trouble with that theory is that some of the millionaires won’t do that; while others will, but will pick favourites (only “deserving”, non-rebellious poor; only people of the “right” religion and then only the most pious ones; etc.)


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