First little egret nests in English nature reserve

This video is called Little Egret and Red Deer in the marshes, UK.

From Wildlife Extra:

Little egrets breeding at Cotswold Water Park for the first time

August 2012. Little Egrets have successfully bred at the Cotswold Water Park Trust’s Cleveland Lakes Reserve, near Ashton Keynes, marking the first breeding of this species in the Cotswold Water Park.

During May, when the weather was so wet and windy, the Little Egrets produced 2 nests and young were seen the day after some particularly stormy weather. Their survival is all the more remarkable when you see their nests; they are small, sparse and spindly on the outer branches of trees; they don’t look very wind-proof!

Young from these nests fledged, following which 2 more nests were found with young in. The nests of these bright white birds are surprisingly hard to locate in dense tree cover! Young from the later two nests also survived the wet and windy conditions. Young Little Egrets can be seen feeding with adults around Cleveland Lakes Reserve at present. At least 5 juveniles have fledged.

The Cotswold Water Park Trust thanks volunteer Kim Milsom for his herculean efforts made in 2012 in monitoring the breeding Grey Heron and Little Egret and other breeding waterbirds of Cleveland Lakes.

Kim Milsom, volunteer for the Cotswold Water Park Trust has been monitoring the waterbirds of Cleveland Lakes Reserve since 2009; “Supporting the Cotswold Water Park Trust in recent years by monitoring the great success of the habitat creation at Cleveland Lakes has had a number of highlights, but the successful breeding of the Little Egrets, the first in the CWP, is perhaps the greatest! On every following visit, I feared that the summer’s gales and driving rain may have destroyed the nests, but the chicks seemed very resilient and the parents did a great job and successfully reared at least 5 young”.

First observation of a mixed breeding colony of Cattle and Little Egrets at Rachgoun Island, Algeria: here.

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