Pioneer red deer still alive

This is a Hungarian video of a male red deer.

From FlevoPost in the Netherlands:

LELYSTAD – In Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, two female red deer which have been freed there in 1992, are still alive. Then, the animals, born in Scotland, were about 18 months old. Staatsbosbeheer says so. These pioneer red deer can be recognized by their earmarks. …

“These elderly ladies are in good health, and by now do not get fawns anymore.”

In 1983, 32 Heck cattle were released in the area. In 1985, 20 konik horses came; and during 1992 and 1993 57 red deer followed suit.

Update March 2012: here.

October 2011: Visitors to Loch Quioch, Lochaber, on a Wild West Highland Safari were in for a real treat – as these stunning pictures show. The dramatic images capture each stage of the red-deer rut – the face-off, chase, fight and, finally, the proud and majestic victor. The rutting season started last month and peaks in the middle of this one: here.

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