20 thoughts on “Saudis crush Bahraini democrats with Canadian arms

  1. Bahrain: 1,200 labourers from India, Bangladesh demand better wages

    Some 500 Asian workers went out on strike at an Asker construction camp, demanding better wages last week. Over 500 workers at a Khamis camp and 200 others at a Salmabad camp have also started strikes separately, the Daily Tribune reported February 20. All three construction sites are overseen by the same company.

    The labourers at the Asker camp said that they had been promised a pay rise in January. The company subsequently refused and instead some workers received lower wages than previously.

    The Daily Tribune reported that when the workers did not appear for work, company officials came to the camp with policemen and tried to take seven of the employees back with them to the police station. But other workers on hand prevented it and tried to air their grievances to the company officials, who rejected them.

    The officials then pasted a notice, which stated that the workers had to report to duty by February 19 and those who did not “are free to leave the organisation.”

    Ninety percent of labourers in the company are Indians and the rest are from Bangladesh.



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