British soldiers accused of abusing Afghan children

From Eagle Radio in Britain:

Troops In Afghan Child Abuse Investigation

9:00am 18th January 2012.

Military police are investigating allegations of child abuse by two British soldiers in Afghanistan, it has emerged.

The troops from the Mercian Battle Group have reportedly been arrested over claims they abused an Afghan boy and girl aged about 10.

They are said to have filmed the separate incidents and shown them to colleagues on their laptops, according to The Sun newspaper.

Several laptops have apparently been seized and their contents looked at by a team of military police assigned to the inquiry.

Why Do Soldiers Rape? H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: “Scholars and investigators who have studied military culture and attitudes toward women have found that hostility toward women pervades military training – often out of deep antipathy for the presence of women in traditionally male space, sometimes stemming from competition, always linking manliness with sexual dominance – and that it functions like a glue to solidify male bonding over women’s status as sex objects”: here.

USA: Military Sexual Abuse: A Greater Menace Than Combat. H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: “‘A woman who signs up to protect her country is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire,’ stated former California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman in testimony before a July 2008 House panel investigating the military’s handling of sexual assault reports. The Congresswoman added that her ‘jaw dropped’ when she learned from military doctors that four of ten women in a local veterans hospital had been raped by fellow soldiers”: here.

Sexual abuse of children and Belgian Roman Catholic bishops: here.

Legal action charity Reprieve announced today that it has filed an official complaint with the Metropolitan Police against the British government for war crimes: here.

9 thoughts on “British soldiers accused of abusing Afghan children

  1. Afghan President condemns child abuse by British soldiers

    18 January 2012, 17:26 (GMT+04:00)

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday condemned allegations of children abuse by two British soldiers in Afghanistan, calling it an “immoral” action by the troops.

    The London-based Sun newspaper reported that two British soldiers had been arrested after they allegedly encouraged an Afghan boy and a girl, both aged 10, to touch the soldiers through their clothes, DPA reported.

    The accused pair also reportedly filmed the children in the act and then showed the recordings to other soldiers.

    “The government of Afghanistan has been deeply disturbed by the reports,” Karzai said in a statement on Wednesday. “The government strongly denounces the ‘immoral’ act by the British soldiers calling it a child abuse.”

    The allegation of child abuse by the two international troops comes a week after a video released online, showing three US Marines urinating, apparently on dead Taliban fighters.

    “The government of Afghanistan is immensely disgusted by the rise in recent incidents of immoral nature among foreign soldiers that clearly undermine public confidence and the Afghan people’s cooperation with foreign troops.”

    In another scandal involving US troops in Afghanistan, soldiers who named themselves the “Kill Team” targeted civilians and killed at least three in the volatile southern province of Kandahar in 2010. The US military has begun prosecutions against five soldiers in the case.


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