Pro-Bahrain democracy demonstrators arrested in London

This 2014 video is called Bahraini Pro-Democracy Activists Stage Protest against King Hamad in London.

From Citizenside in Britain:

Demonstration against Bahrain‘s King outside Downing Street in central London

London, Great Britain ♦ 23 August 2012

Four demonstrators were arrested and later released during a protest against Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa meeting with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron outside Downing Street in central London on August 23, 2012.

Tensions between the two countries have been running high since the Bahraini government’s violent suppression of protests in February 2012. February’s demonstrations marked the one-year anniversary of the first pro-democracy marches in Bahrain. Police used tear gas and stunners on Bahrainis, killing and injuring many civilians. Demonstrators were calling for political reforms on the constitutional monarchy, political representation, and greater cooperation between the Sunni Muslim majority and the Shiite Muslim minority.

Bahrain is a small oil-producing country as well as a central banking location for Britain. David Cameron and other British diplomats are trying to preserve economic ties by urging King Hamad to consider human rights.

That “urging” by Cameron cannot really be taken seriously, while Britain continues to sell the Bahraini absolute monarchy weapons to suppress the pro-democracy movement.

The talks were kept low-profile despite the meeting’s central location, which drew Bahraini opposition supporters to Downing Street in large crowds.

From the Daily Mail, a paper usually supportive of Cameron‘s Conservative party:

Number 10 under fire after Prime Minister hosts king of Bahrain in ‘beneath the radar’ meeting

In spite of past promises to provide due process to Bahraini health care professionals who were arrested, tortured and sometimes disappeared, the Government of Bahrain has continued to prosecute many of the doctors and nurses who assisted protesters in 2011: here.

UN Experts Urge Bahrain To End Persecution Of Human Rights Defenders: here.

Manama: Bahrain has denied reports that a British senior police adviser recruited to ensure its procedures meet international human rights standards has resigned. “Recent reports concerning the resignation of John Yates are incorrect,” a statement released by the Information Affairs Authority (IAA) said. “Yates’ initial six-month contract concluded on July 20 this year. However, he remains as an important adviser to the Minister of Interior, overseeing the police code of conduct and the implementation of reforms. Yates is scheduled to regularly visit the country in the coming months,” the statement said: here.

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