Canadian mass pro-civil liberties movement

This video is called Casseroles Night in Canada / La soirée des casseroles au Canada / 30 May 2012.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

“Casserole” protests in support of Quebec students spread across Canada

By a WSWS reporting team

5 June 2012

A new form of protest, “casserole” demonstrations, emerged last month in response to the Quebec Liberal government’s imposition of Bill 78—a draconian law that criminalizes the four-month-old province-wide student strike and places sweeping new restrictions on the right to demonstrate whatever the cause.

Initially promoted by only a handful of individuals through social media, the call for people to congregate in their neighbourhoods and bang on pots and pans so as to support the striking students and oppose Bill 78 struck a chord. Over the course of a few days, the nightly casserole protest mushroomed across working class districts of Montreal. Thousands of people poured into the streets, defying the new restrictions on demonstrations and voicing their opposition to the Liberal government.

From such Montreal working class neighborhoods as Villeray and Rosemont, the casserole protests spread to the suburbs of Laval and Longueuil and Quebec’s other major urban centers. Within less than a week, casserole demonstrations were being organized even in remote mining towns like Sept-Isles and Rouyn-Noranda.

The government calculated that Bill 78 would intimidate the students and their supporters and enable it to bully the student associations into accepting a sellout agreement along the lines of that massively rejected by students at the beginning of last month. Instead, the draconian legislation has served to galvanize support for the students and opposition to the government. Those joining the casserole protests have raised numerous grievances, and not just with the provincial Liberal government and its austerity program. Many have wanted to express their opposition to the federal Conservative government, which is raising the age of retirement, slashing jobless benefits and shredding workers’ rights, and to big business’ vice-like domination of socioeconomic life.

Even the corporate media now concedes that the student strike has gone far beyond the issue of university tuition fee hikes and become a débat de société—a debate over the direction in which society is heading. In Quebec and Canada, as in all the advanced capitalist countries, social inequality and economic insecurity have been increasing for decades. And now, in response to the greatest crisis of world capitalism since the Great Depression, the ruling elite is seeking to destroy all the remaining social gains of working people and turning towards authoritarian measures like Bill 78 to suppress popular opposition.

Last Wednesday the “casserole” protests spread for the first time beyond Quebec. Dubbed “Casserole Night in Canada”, thousands of students and working people were mobilized, largely through a 72-hour Facebook campaign, to gather with their pots and pans in cities from coast to coast. Organizers hope to rally supporters in a regular Wednesday night campaign throughout the summer to support the Quebec student strike, oppose tuition fee hikes across Canada, build opposition to the federal Conservative government, and denounce Bill 78 and other attacks on democratic measures.

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