Cameron in Murdoch scandal

Demonstrators outside yesterday’s hearings inLondon where MPs questioned the Murdochs and sacked police chiefs, demanding that Cameron and Murdoch go

For the British ruling elite, Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech to a specially convened session of parliament was a critical moment. The decision to hold the special session was dictated by demands that Cameron respond to Tuesday’s appearance of News Corp head Rupert Murdoch, his son James and former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks before the Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee: here.

Could Wall Street Ever Face a “Murdoch Moment”? Richard (RJ) Eskow, The Campaign for America’s Future: “History books record an empire’s fall as a series of dates and events. Battles are fought, people resist, elections are called, arrest warrants are issued. But those are just details. An empire really falls in that moment when people stop believing that it’s invulnerable. Whenever the spell is broken, whether it’s by anger or just by awareness, the end becomes inevitable. It doesn’t matter what happens to Rupert or James Murdoch now. They may return to positions of relative wealth and privilege or their lives may take unpleasant turns. Either way, the Murdoch empire has already fallen”: here.

Alan Cowell, The New York Times: “A parliamentary panel investigating Britain’s spreading phone hacking scandal accused the Murdoch empire on Wednesday of ‘deliberate attempts’ to thwart its investigations. The House of Commons home affairs select committee was one of two panels that questioned some of the main players in the scandal on Tuesday, interviewing senior police officers and releasing a scathing report on Wednesday that pointed to ‘a catalog of failures’ in handling the hacking investigations'”: here.

Fears of Something Rotten in Scotland Yard in the Murdoch Affair: here.

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