British trade unionists against Libya war

This video from Britain says about itself:

No boots on the ground in Libya? Watch this and think again.

The UN security council resolution in March authorising the use of force in Libya specifically excludes “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”. So explain this video.

By John Millington in Bridlington, England:

Delegates reject Britain’s real agenda behind Libya mission

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Bakers lifted the lid on the “hidden agenda” of Western powers in Libya and the Middle East yesterday.

Passing an emergency motion at the bakers’ union BFAWU conference criticising the nature of the intervention of the government in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, delegates agreed that oil and geopolitical control were the main driving force for the British government.

Delegate Peace Ehlah Aryee highlighted the devastating effects of war on women and children.

“During armed conflicts women and children are threatened with rape mutilation,” she said.

“The use of raping women and children have become a strategy in war on all sides.

“But the international community has turned blind eye.”

Ms Ehlah Aryee condemned global spending on war which runs into tens of billions of pounds in Britain alone.

She said: “War spending has robbed our community of investment in education and health care which are vital in these tough times.”

Seconding the motion, delegate Godson Azu contrasted the Western response to the genocide in Rwanda with that of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

“Gadaffi has ruled for over 40 years. Why now? It’s because they have realised it’s the second best oil in the world.

“Rwanda happened because there was nothing there that Western powers wanted.”

And delegate Tony Sedgewick recalled the first Gulf war and emphasised the importance of international working-class solidarity.

“When I saw those bombs raining down on those people, I wept. Those were bakers, tailors, children and families who were being killed,” he said.

Also from the British bakers’ union congress: Delegates demanded yesterday that the international and domestic slave trade be ended once and for all.

Barack Obama says he wants change in the Arab world yet insults us with the same old bad policies: here.

Washington has intervened in Libya with bombing raids aimed at overthrowing the Gaddafi regime. Now it is preparing another African intervention and has Sudan in his sights: here.

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