12 thoughts on “NATO lets refugees from Libya die

  1. They can’t silence Tunisia

    Protesters have taken to the streets of Tunisia’s third city, Sousse, for about three days now about the lack of support from government regarding work in tourism.

    People have been told that Britain is stopping tourists coming which is why they do not have work.

    This is blatantly untrue, with many tour operators offering discounts to encourage people.

    The Tunisian government does not want people to know what is going on.

    I know this as my fiance is Tunisian and taking part.

    Both police and the military are out on the streets and threats of a further curfew and tear gas have been issued.

    Samantha A Lee, by email


  2. Tunisian telecom workers strike

    The Tunisie Telecom workers strike, which began mid-May, continues. The workers are seeking a pay increase and opposing plans to cut jobs to boost profits and increase liquidity.

    The company was partially nationalised in January, following the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben. The Dubai company Emirates International Telecommunications (EIT) bought a 35 percent share of the company in 2006.


  3. 25 found dead on migrant boat

    ITALY: The coastguard reported that 25 people were found dead on a boat attempting to sail from north Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa on Sunday.

    The would-be migrants may have suffocated as the 50-foot boat was carrying 296 people.

    People were packed into the hold, which also served as the engine room, and surviving passengers said that some had tried to get out as the air became unbreathable but the boat had been too crammed for others to move out of their way.

    Coastguard Captain Antonio Morana said the survivors had been taken to an immigrant detention centre on Lampedusa.


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