Good Cornish chough news

This is a chough video from Spain.

From Wildlife Extra:

Iconic bird spreads it wings ten years after return

June 2011: Cornwall‘s chough have had their best season to date, ten years after their natural return in 2001, it has been announced.

In all 15 chicks have hatched from four nests around the coast of West Cornwall. The project to support the chough‘s return has been overseen by a coalition of RSPB, Natural England and National Trust with huge support from local communities and volunteers.

UPDATE 2012: Cornwall’s choughs have a fantastic year: here.

June 2011. RSPB Northern Ireland is celebrating a year of rare returns with the fledging of two choughs on Rathlin Island just a week after announcing the return of the golden plover to Co Fermanagh: here.

This Valentine’s Day saw the return of a special couple to the cliff tops of Rathlin Island. Special because they are Northern Ireland’s only remaining pair of chough, back again for another breeding season: here.

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