Choughs are back breeding in England

A video of a chough feeding on a beach in Wales.

Bran goesgoch is it Welsh name.

Cornwall duchy coat of arms, with choughsFrom Surfbirds News:

Cornwall choughs celebrate five years of chicks

A bumper crop of chough chicks has fledged in Cornwall this week, five years after the pioneering pair of choughs that returned to the county in 2001 first bred.

The original choughs and the two birds that paired up last year have produced nine young between them this spring – six males and three females.

The now world famous pair of wild choughs came back to the county six years ago after the species had been absent from Cornwall, and extinct as a breeding species in England, for nearly 30 years.

The chough is on the Cornwall County Council Coat of arms.

Birds in the USA: here.

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