11,000 British soldiers have gone AWOL since Iraq war

From the YouTube text of this video:

This is a video of Brian Haw‘s speech at the demonstration in London on 24th February 2007.

Brian is an inspiration to the millions of people in the UK that reject Tony Blair’s madness and addiction to US violence.

Tony Blair took us to war on Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction.

There were none.

655,000 Iraqis, over 3000 US soldiers and 130 British soldiers [February 2007 figures] have died in that illegal war.

Now Blair wants to spend up to £76 billion on new Trident nuclear weapons for a ‘defence’ policy based on indiscriminate killing of millions.

Stop the War, CND and BMI organised the national demonstration to say no to these insane policies of death and destruction.

From Xinhua news agency:

11,000 British soldiers have gone AWOL since Iraq war: report

More than 11,000 British soldiers have gone absent without leave (AWOL) since the start of the Iraq war in 2003, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph on Monday.

Although most of the missing soldiers have been caught or have returned of their own free will, nearly 1,000 currently remain on the run, the report said, according to figures from the British Ministry of Defence.

According to the report, the number of soldiers who remain AWOL from this year is 283, in addition to 279 from last year, 157 for the year before and 135 from 2004.

And since 2000, the total number of Army personnel who remain AWOL stands at 947.

The military is now carrying out a study into why soldiers are going AWOL, said the report.

The MoD claimed that the rates of desertion had more to do with domestic problems than the war.

Yeah right. These pesky soldiers’ families are so much worse than Bush and Blair’s bloody wars … and pigs fly.

Even in cases where soldiers’ families have something to do with it, might it not be that these families don’t like those wars?

See also here.

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