Chough chicks’ first flight over Rathlin Island, Ireland

This is a video of a chough in Wales.

From the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:

24 June 2008

RSPB Northern Ireland is today celebrating, as four chough chicks took their first flight over Rathlin Island at the weekend. Until last year, no baby chough had hatched on the island since 1989.

In June 2007, three chicks successfully hatched.

Speaking today, Liam McFaul RSPB Warden at Rathlin said:

“This is absolutely fantastic news. I had the privilege of sitting on the cliff edge on Sunday afternoon and watched the whole family of six playing in the breeze and I am pleased to report that all young look healthy and strong.

“This is another important milestone for the chough on Rathlin, and for this species across Northern Ireland. However, we have still a considerable way to go before we can talk about the successful recovery of the chough in Northern Ireland.

Choughs in Cornwall: here.

Chough sounds: here.

Alarming declines in Irish bird populations: here. And here.

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