Birds and chamois in Aragon

Portelet pass, Pyrenees, 1 November 2014

This is a photo of the mountains around the Portelet pass, near the Spanish-French border.

Still 1 November 2014 in Aragon, after the earlier wallcreeper and other birds.

We are going higher and higher in the Pyrenees mountains.

A pied wagtail on a roof in Escarrilla village.

We get at our highest point, almost 2000 meter, near the French border.

Lichen, 1 November 2014

A few small trees just surviving in favourable spots. All other vegetation is much smaller. Like this lichen.

Lichen, Portalet pass, Aragon, 1 November 2014

Lichen, Portalet pass, 1 November 2014

Lichen, at Portalet pass, 1 November 2014

Near the Portelet pass, yellow-billed choughs, common chougs, and two ravens flying together. The choughs tried to drive a raven away.

On a rock, a northern wheatear.

On another rock, near a lakelet, a yellowhammer.

Two Pyrenees chamois walking on a mountain meadow. We now know it is a different species than the Alpine chamois.

We go back, following the Rio Gallego river downwards.

As we went back, two sparrowhawks circling. Lots of mallards in a lake.

Red kites flying.

Dipper, 1 November 2014

On the river banks, two dippers. Every now and then, they dive.

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