Camping’s doomsday-mongering kills teenage girl

This video from the USA says about itself:

Harold Camping was WRONG, but so what, people make mistakes. However, Camping’s mistake not only caused MILLIONS of people to be scared out of their mind (inciting panic) he also received MILLIONS of dollars in donations! pretty lucrative mistake wouldn’t you say? Most people that make mistakes walk away fucked, not Harold. He is crying all the way to the bank! “We The People ” need to hold this man legally and monetarily ACCOUNTABLE! Call you state attorney general and DEMAND charges be brought up against him for FRAUD.

From RIA Novosti news agency in Russia:

May 25, 2011 7:43 PM EDT

Camping doomsday prediction caused suicide of teenage girl

A 14-year-old girl from the Volga Republic of Mari El hanged herself on May 21 over fears that the world would end, investigators said on Wednesday.

May 21 was the day that American preacher Harold Camping said Christians would be taken into heaven ahead of the apocalypse.

Investigator Alexander Kosharin said the girl’s behavior changed dramatically when she learned about Camping’s predictions.

Whales are trying to beach themselves and birds are dying – it is just the beginning of the end,” the girl wrote in a “death diary.”

“We are not righteous people, only they will go to heaven, the others will stay here on Earth to go through terrible sufferings,” she wrote.

“I don’t want to die like the others. That’s why I’ll die now,” the girl said in her last message.

Investigators are currently probing her ties with “informal youth groups” or religious sects.

Well, Camping’s apocalypse of course did not happen on the day he incited this girl to suicide.

Mr Camping now tries to save face after his failure by announcing a new rapture day on 21 October. Then, like now, whales will beach; like they have done for ages; though more frequently now than earlier, not because of some millionaire religious crackpot’s sayings, but because of military sonar upsetting whales. And birds will die on 21 October, like has happened for over a hundred million years; though maybe more frequently now because of industrially produced poisonous pollutants.

How many more lives of impressionable people will Mr Camping’s lunacies cost near or on 21 October?

Camping had his doomsday predicting posters plastered all over many countries, including the Netherlands. As the photo here shows, Camping got his Dutch language spelling wrong. The poster says: “De Bijbel garandeerd het!”, “The Bible guarantees it!” However, it should have been “garandeert”, not “garandeerd”.

If only Harold Camping would be just wrong in spelling Dutch …

Now that the end of the world didn’t happen, I can’t stop thinking about it. What chutzpah, what a diminished worldview, not simply to make such a prediction, but – even more incomprehensible, to my relentlessly self-questioning mind – to know you’ll be among the saved: here.

Does Michele Bachmann Think the Apocalypse is Imminent? Here.

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