Blackbirds die in the USA

From KTHV in Arkansas in the USA:

Just before folks in Beebe rang in the New Year, many witnessed an uncanny resemblance to the Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” About 2,000 black birds fell from the sky off Windwood Drive, leaving quite the mess to clean up.

See also here. And here.

According to the TV report, the birds which died are mostly red-winged blackbirds; see also here. So, not close relatives of Eurasian blackbirds (contrary to wrong assumptions in some European media reports on the Arkansas deaths).

First 2,000 blackbirds fall — but what also killed 100,000 fish in the Arkansas River? Here.

Blackbird Mystery Deepens: More Birds Fall From Sky in Louisiana: here.

See also here. And here. And here.

Audubon experts monitor bird deaths in Arkansas: here.

More mass bird/fish deaths reported: birds in East Texas here; fish in Spruce Creek, Florida: here.

2 Million Fish Die in Chesapeake Bay, Cold Weather Stress Could be to Blame: here.

Worse Than Fireworks Deaths? Government Blackbird Poisoning: here.

While most wildlife experts see little cause for significant concern with these events, there are some mass wildlife deaths that we really should be worrying about: here.

January 2011: Recent reports of thousands of dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas represent only a tiny fraction of birds killed each year due to human causes, according to American Bird Conservancy, the nation’s leading bird conservation organisation: here.

200 Starlings Found Dead: U.S. Government Admits Poisoning Birds In South Dakota: here.

01/20/2011 Study outlines steps to protect declining North American landbird populations. A recent study carried out by scientists from Canada, Mexico and the United States, including several BirdLife Partners found that of the 882 native landbirds shared across borders, 17% (148 species) need immediate conservation action: here.

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