US Tea Party drives out Black Republican

This video from the USA is called Racist Right Causes Republican To Resign.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

Arizona Republican resigns over Tea Party threats

14 January 2011

A local Republican Party official in Arizona resigned his position this week after the attempted assassination of Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, citing the threat of violence from Tea Party members in his area.

Anthony Miller, who was hailed as a rising star in state Republican circles as one of the party’s few black leaders, was reelected last month to a second term as chairman of the Arizona Legislative District 20 of the Republican Party. District 20 is a heavily Republican area in the southwest suburbs of Phoenix, including Ahwatukee Foothills and parts of Chandler and Tempe.

In an e-mail to the state Republican Party chairman, Randy Pullen, sent shortly after the shooting of Giffords, Miller wrote that his wife had asked him “do I think that my PCs [precinct committee members] will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down.”

Miller told the Arizona Republic newspaper that local Tea Party members had made verbal and online attacks on him since he first was elected to the local party leadership.

“I wasn’t going to resign but decided to quit after what happened Saturday,” Miller told the Republic. “I love the Republican Party but I don’t want to take a bullet for anyone.”

Three other members of the local Republican committee, including the secretary, the vice chairman and the former district spokesman, also resigned in sympathy with Miller. The former spokesman, Jeff Kolb, told the newspaper, “The singular focus on ‘getting’ Anthony” was the reason.

State Senator John McComish, the Republican incumbent in the 20th District, said he had backed Miller’s reelection. “It’s too bad,” he said. “He didn’t deserve to be hounded out of office.”

Last month’s district election was hotly contested, with a Tea Party slate winning three of the seven leadership positions. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has become nationally notorious for his racist attacks on immigrant workers, backed the Tea Party slate and made a personal appeal on behalf of the candidate who unsuccessfully challenged Miller, Thomas Morrisey.

The Arizona Republican Party was split sharply during last year’s primary election, with incumbent US Senator John McCain challenged by former congressman and radio talkshow host J. D. Hayworth, who had the backing of the Tea Party and the ultra-right anti-immigrant groups.

Much of the vilification of Miller was due to his ties to McCain. He was a full-time campaign worker for McCain throughout 2010. Miller told the Republic he had been called “McCain’s boy”—a slur with clear racial overtones—and saw hand gestures threatening gunshots against him in the course of the campaign.

Miller expanded on his reasons for resignation in subsequent press interviews, declaring, “I’m not going to get shot or my family shot for what is a volunteer position.” He added, “There’s a racial component to it. There’s a lot of ugliness.”

He described his political opponents as a “radical” Tea Party faction that ran as the “New Vision” slate, which he called “the Sarah Palin type of Republicans.”

Meanwhile, a California man was arrested Wednesday for leaving telephone messages threatening liberal Democratic congressman Jim McDermott of Seattle, Washington.

Charles Turner Habermann, 32, of Palm Springs, made two phone calls to McDermott’s office denouncing him for opposing tax cuts for the rich. “He’s a piece of human filth. He’s a liar, he’s a communist,” Habermann said in the first call, last month, continuing with a string of obscenities. He then said he would “blow his brains out” if they ever met. This threat was repeated more explicitly in a second phone call.

Sarah Palin‘s “Blood Libel” Charge Comes From Her Extremist Religious Views: here.

[Republican] Michele Bachmann 2006 Campaign Ad Put [Democrat] Patty Wetterling in Crosshairs: here.

Joel Olson, New Clear Vision: “With the passage of the notorious anti-immigrant bill SB 1070 last spring, the outlawing of ethnic studies as of January 1st, the gutting of the school and university systems, the collapsed housing market, the high unemployment rates, and now the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, you might be wondering what it’s like to actually live in Arizona right about now. In short: it ain’t easy. But it helps to put Giffords’s shooting in historical perspective, which is defined by two things in Arizona: corruption and class struggle. And ironically, this perspective gives me hope about the radically democratic future of my home state”: here.

Jared L. Loughner May Be Violent, Anti-Government Crazy, but That’s What Most of the GOP Media Shills Are: here.

Extremist Killing Is as American as Apple Pie: Murders Grow on the Far Right Four Decades After Martin Luther King. Stephan Salisbury, TomDispatch: “The landscape of America is littered with bodies. They’ve been gunned down in Tucson, shot to death at the Pentagon, and blown away at the Holocaust Museum, as well as in Wichita, Knoxville, Pittsburgh, Brockton, and Okaloosa County, Florida. Total body count for these incidents: 19 dead, 26 wounded. Not much, you might say, when taken in the context of about 30,000 gun-related deaths annually nationwide”: here.

The liberal magazine The Nation hailed Obama’s Tucson speech while covering up the fundamental social and political issues raised by the act of right-wing terrorism in Arizona: here.

Bill Maher lashes out at ‘Teabaggers’ identification with ‘Founding Fathers’: here.

Hundreds of people participating in a Spokane, Washington Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade last Monday marched unaware that a bomb had been planted adjacent to the planned route: here.

Another non-violent Tea Partier gets eight years in prison for assaulting Obama supporter with pool cue: here.

Arizona’s Expert Witness: A Racist & Anti-Semite: here.

No Laughing Matter: The Tea Party GOP’s Depictions of President Obama as an Ape are Motivated by Violence and Hate: here.

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: “Board members canceled their meeting after the nine students, all members of the local youth group United Non-discriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies (UNIDOS), made it clear they would not get up until they were guaranteed that the Mexican-American classes they love wouldn’t be downgraded to voluntary electives that could be lost all together in the coming waves of state budget cuts. The action was a temporary victory for UNIDOS. The group postponed a vote on a resolution that they say would put their heritage second to a whitewashed version of history that so often ignores the achievements and struggles of immigrants and people of color”: here.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona has asked the man behind the “show me your papers” anti-immigrant law in that state to show them his emails. An open records request to former Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce netted thousands of email records sent from Pearce’s account that suggest Arizona’s SB 1070, which was taken up as an American Legislative Exchange Council “model bill” but recently struck down in large part by the U.S. Supreme Court, was motivated by racism and xenophobia: here.

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’: New York Magazine (UPDATE): here.

23 thoughts on “US Tea Party drives out Black Republican


    Can you be rabidly anti-government and not be political?

    Apparently the answer is yes, according to the mainstream media, and even some of the progressive press.

    It is a bit shocking to read news analysis variations on the Tucson shooter that are phrased along the lines of “Jared L. Loughner was not considered political, although he did express anti-government feelings.”

    Excuse me, but we don’t know if the press has slept through what has been going on in the right-wing world of media and politics – particularly during the Obama administration – but the No. 1 political target of the radical right is the government! One doesn’t need to be an active booster of the Republican Party to be a part of this dangerous political mindset.

    There are several “frames” that the mass media uses to explain away high-profile political shootings. The Cognitive Policy Works warns of these cookie-cutter approaches the media has and will use in explaining away the Tucson assault on democracy:

    * The “Lone Shooter” Frame
    Emphasis will be on individual actions, ignoring cultural patterns that influenced the event like the militant imagery of Tea Party leaders and Fox News personalities.

    * The “Crazy Gunman” Frame
    Effort will be made to reduce this complex event to the explanation that the shooter was insane, disregarding the anti-government sentiments that fueled him to action.

    * The “Both Sides Equal” Frame
    Media coverage will presume violent rhetoric is equal on the left and right, ignoring how leftist individuals target individual people (e.g. Bush hater), while right-wing individuals target groups (e.g. liberals, Jews). Also the scale of violent imagery is disproportionately on the right side.

    * The “We’re All Sorry” Frame
    Spokespeople on the right who have fueled violent rhetoric (e.g. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) will publicly condemn violent actions while continuing to promote negative views of entire classes of people. This behavior will not be present among liberals.

    Haven’t we had enough political violence in America egged on by the right wing to recognize what happened in Tucson on Saturday, regardless of the mental health diagnostic category of the shooter? Espousing the government as the enemy has been the key theme of all things Republican for many years now.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout



    “Glenn Beck called me and told me to shoot Congressman Giffords, Federal Judge Roll, and gave me a list of other names of people to kill and maim,” confessed Jared L. Loughner to the police.

    Is this statement true? Was it actually made? Of course not.

    But despite all the incendiary rhetoric of violent, right-wing media shills and politicians, despite Loughner’s hatred of government that is entirely consistent with the Republican echo chamber line of agitating popular anger and violent recourse by denouncing the government as evil, the mainstream media still falls into dishonest “frames” of reporting on the Tuscon massacre.

    It’s almost as if they would require Beck’s fingerprints on Loughner’s Glock to connect the dots. As Media Matters has reported over and over again, Beck can be directly connected to inciting shooters in the past year, including the Oakland gunman who was on his way to kill staff at the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation has been a regular target of Beck’s conspiratorial tirades, and portrayed as a sinister financial backer of the “evil” liberals. It’s not the kind of target someone would think up on their own.

    And the cases cited by Media Matters are only the most obvious. There were numerous other cases of violence enacted by people who followed various right-wing media shills.

    Guns are not being used for self-defense in the right-wing acts of violence; they are being used to kill, injure and intimidate. If the same guns were used in the same bloody and thuggish manner by a Muslim, the guy would be locked up in some maximum security prison and indicted with multiple terrorist charges.

    Domestic terrorism by white, male, anti-government types, whose brains are sponges for the hate mongering of Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, and the rest of their ilk, are a greater threat to our nation than Osama bin Laden. Just remember Timothy McVeigh. There is a militia movement of white males just like him.

    And as Sarah Palin urged, they are locked and loaded and prepared to reload.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout



    When is rising consumer demand bad for America?

    When it comes in the form of guys buying guns used in killings as blood-sport collectors’ trophies.

    That’s what happened in Arizona after the Tucson massacre, when the sales of the Glock handgun used by the killer soared:

    Greg Wolff, the owner of two Arizona gun shops, told his manager to get ready for a stampede of new customers after a Glock-wielding gunman killed six people at a Tucson shopping center on Jan. 8.

    Wolff was right. Instead of hurting sales, the massacre had the $499 semi-automatic pistols – popular with police, sport shooters and gangsters – flying out the doors of his Glockmeister stores in Mesa and Phoenix.

    “We’re at double our volume over what we usually do,” Wolff said two days after the shooting spree that also left 14 wounded, including Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

    In fact, the specific model – the Glock 19 – with which Jared Lee Loughner caused so much bloodshed, was in particular demand.

    Gun fans aren’t buying the Glock in such surging numbers after Tucson because they all of a sudden need a gun. What they want is a gun that proved itself so powerful by causing so much death and injury: they want a blood-shedding firearm that allows them a vicarious thrill.

    There’s a morbid pathology there that America doesn’t have the guts to deal with yet.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout



    It’s ironic that the politics of the right – that champions American “exceptionalism” and triumphant power – steadily complains about its self-perceived victimhood.

    This week, Jon Stewart – who lances the boil of hypocrisy with such sardonic skill – devastatingly revealed the methods Sarah Palin uses to position herself as a victim. In fact, Stewart shows how Palin turned the Tucson massacre narrative into a story about her being the prime victim of the mass shooting. It’s so brazen that it is almost breathtaking to watch Stewart dissect Sean Hannity’s softball interview with Palin.

    But listen to Rush Limbaugh, watch Glenn Beck or read some right-wing web sites. The common theme is that white people are victims.

    This is, as BuzzFlash has noted before, a particularly appealing theme to white Christians who see the victimization of Jesus as the central religious imagery in their lives.

    But after more than a decade of listening to and reading an unending litany of victimhood by the right, I am not very sympathetic.

    The sense of white victimhood that Palin exemplifies, in almost a burlesque way, is not only an imagined grievance: it is destructive to America. It is exactly the opposite of a can-do spirit that pulls a nation together.

    It’s not only a job killer; it’s just a killer of everything, including an aggressive economic policy that benefits all Americans.

    Because you can’t climb your way out of a recession by whining.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout



    If you wonder what can explain the pathological hysteria of the Tea Party and right-wing whites, one need look no further than the headline from an Associated Press article today, February 3.

    “Census estimates show big gains for US minorities,” the headline blares.

    The white population is declining and minorities are surging, meaning that the notion of a white Christian nation has a short timeline – and the manic, alternative-universe behavior of the right wing has to do with a race against time with racial change.

    How big is the minority growth?

    Here are some walloping statistics from The AP article:

    U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation’s population growth over the last decade – one of the largest shares ever – with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats.

    Preliminary census estimates also suggest the number of multiracial Americans jumped roughly 20 percent since 2000, to over 5 million….

    Some 40 states show population losses of white children since 2000 due to declining birth rates. Minorities represented all of the increases in the under-18 population in Texas and Florida, and most of the gains in the child population in Nevada and Arizona.

    So, those who have a psyche closely aligned with America identified as a white nation, are feeling emotionally imperiled, and follow any Pied Piper who reinforces their world view that a return to the “real” America is the creation of a white, Christian government.

    “The new engines of growth in America’s population are Hispanics, Asians and other minorities,” a demographer quoted in The AP article said. “But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. For the under-18 population – potential voters in the not-too-distant future – minorities accounted for virtually all the growth in most U.S. states.”

    If you are pulling your hair out trying to understand the inexplicable bile and conspiratorial fantasies of many in white America, look no further than this AP article.

    This is their nightmare come true.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout



    “Utah becomes first in US to have state gun.”

    In case you are wondering, the winner is a Browning M1911 semiautomatic pistol.

    So, right up there with other state symbols of Utah – like the state tree (blue spruce) – is a gun, and a semiautomatic one at that.

    As Rosie Gray wrote in The Village Voice:

    The timing on this is about as bad as it could get, two months after Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting and the debate that provoked about gun control.

    Not trying to say that this will spur people to violence, but it’s an alarmingly casual way to look at guns. It’s almost like people in this country have just forgotten what guns do, as if they’re simply fun little playthings and not in fact instruments of death.

    What’s next, a state nuclear power plant?

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


  7. [3]Speak Truth to Power


    Here is your chance to satirically speak truth to power [4]by telling
    Sarah Palin what’s missing from her movie.

    There’s nothing funny about Palin or her influence on our democracy, but
    together we can use satire to make an impact and undermine her aura of
    authenticity and altruism. Satire is an effective tool to take the
    conservative opposition’s perceived strengths and use it against them,
    [5]which is what we’re doing here with Palin’s movie.

    We can’t stop the presses from covering her every move, but we can help
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    even giving away a collectible bobblehead doll to the person who submits
    the best thing that was left out of her film.

    Robert Greenwald
    and the Brave New Films team

    P.S. [7]Here’s what I thought was left out of Palin’s movie.


    Visible links
    2. Click here to watch the video



    It’s white, Christian America’s race against what they see as a demographic time bomb.

    That is why this Associated Press (AP) headline strikes an anxious fear in so many US citizens who believe in white “American Exceptionalism”: “Census Shows Whites Lose US Majority Among Babies.”

    BuzzFlash at Truthout has commented about this trend before and why it is part of the frenetic offensive against democracy that we see taking place, including an onslaught of state efforts to restrict voting in a way that will disproportionately disenfranchise the elderly, the disabled, the poor, minorities and students.

    Many BuzzFlash critics have emailed us about this subject over the years. Most often, their contention is that America is a republic not a democracy. Although this has some implications in the argument over states’ rights versus the federal government, it usually is offered in the context of asserting that only certain Americans should elect the government.

    “Certain Americans” in this context, we infer, means white, Christian voters with a relatively good income.

    That is why the Republicans are trying to offload government programs and power into the hands of “white wealth” as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will face the power shift implied in the opening of the AP article:

    For the first time, more than half of the children under age 2 in the U.S. are minorities, part of a sweeping race change and a growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and fast-growing younger ethnic populations that could reshape government policies.

    … Demographers say the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury.

    For the hardcore older, white, Christian Republican, democracy that is inclusive of all Americans must be dismantled as quickly as possible, both politically and economically.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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