British Conservatives deport three-year-old Iranian girl

This video from Britain is about women and children suffering at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre.

Britain: The Con-Dem government has ordered the deportation of a three-year-old Iranian girl and her family just days after it pledged to place “child welfare at the heart of what we do”: here.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons has joined campaigners in condemning the planned expansion of a British immigration detention centre to make it the biggest in Europe: here.

More British Tory anti-human rights policies: London Mayor Boris Johnson confirmed on Tuesday he is to seek the removal of peace campaigners from Parliament Square: here.

The Peace Camp in Parliament Square was brutally raided by armed police with dogs at 8am yesterday morning and its leaders were arrested and dragged away in handcuffs: here.

A peace activist has scaled scaffolding at the House of Commons in protest at the ongoing war in Afghanistan: here.

Crowds gathered at rallies across Britain on Saturday to protest against the imprisonment of a woman sentenced to death for adultery in Iran.

11 thoughts on “British Conservatives deport three-year-old Iranian girl

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