10 thoughts on “British Liberals sell out to militarism, xenophobia

  1. Clegg, we’re not fooled

    Liberal Democrat shenanigans over a mansion tax make clear that, when they proposed it, it was intended only as an electoral ploy, along with the pledge not to increase student tuition fees.

    To propose an amendment backing the principle while rejecting a Labour proposal to implement the tax might seem tactically clever inside the House of Commons, but it will take few tricks outside the Westminster bubble.

    Given that their Tory partners will never back a mansion tax, do the Liberal Democrats believe that the electorate will in consequence return them as the largest party at the next election to deliver it?

    Not a chance. Voters are seeing through the hypocrisy of pre-poll radicalism and post-election conservatism and will deliver a harsh judgement on Nick Clegg’s crew as soon as they can.



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