Jamaican woman’s death in British Serco private prison

This 2 March 2015 video is called Yarl’s Wood: Undercover in the secretive immigration detention centre | Channel 4 News.

Another video used to say about itself:

Home Office cover-up on Serco-run Yarl’s Wood abuse?

21 April 2014

UN inspector Rashida Manjoo calls for an end to violence against women after being ‘denied access’ to Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire, UK.

A UNITED Nations investigator has raised a ‘deep concern’ that she was denied access to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre on a recent visit.

Speaking at a press conference in London on the 15th April 2014, special rapporteur Rashida Manjoo called on the government to ‘eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls’ after visiting the UK to study the issue.

She said: “I regret that, despite my repeated requests, a visit to Yarl’s Wood IDC was not facilitated by the government, and that my access to the centre was denied, when I tried to visit it independently.”

She said she believed an order to stop her gaining access to the facility had come from the highest levels at the Home Office.

Natasha Walters of Women for Refugee Women, who is campaigning to end the detention of women at Yarl’s Wood, said: “We share Rashida’s disappointment that she was unable to visit Yarl’s Wood IDC for women because we believe she should see at first hand the effect of the government’s immigration policies on vulnerable women who seek asylum in the UK.

“In 2012, nearly 2,000 women who had sought asylum in the UK were held in detention by the UK government.”

Natasha Walters added: “The problems inherent in holding vulnerable women in detention have been highlighted recently by the death of Christine Case in detention, and the detention of Yashika Bagheerathi without her family prior to deportation.

“We at Women for Refugee Women believe that women who seek asylum in the UK should have their cases considered while they are living in the community, and we believe that there should be a time limit on all immigration detention.

“If a visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre has not been facilitated by the UK government we need to know why: what have they got to hide? It is time to shine a light into what is going on at Yarl’s Wood and to ensure that the government is no longer able to hide its practice of locking up women who are survivors of violence.”

By daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday 6th June 2014

HUNDREDS of people are expected today at the funeral of a Jamaican woman who died in the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire.

Christine Case, 40, was imprisoned in the centre after being refused permission to live and work in Britain.

She was found dead at 8am on March 30. The circumstances of her death are not known.

Her family has flown to Britain for her funeral today and has appealed for a mass attendance.

Yarl’s Wood is run by private profiteer Serco.

Since opening in 2001 Yarl’s Wood has gained a grim reputation. A catalogue of incidents including hunger strikes, riots, sexual abuse and suicides have haunted the centre.

In 2005 Angolan asylum-seeker Manuel Bravo, who had made a home in Leeds with his 13-year-old son, hanged himself there enabling his son to stay in Britain — asylum-seekers under 18 cannot be deported without an adult.

The funeral is at 11am, Power, Praise, Deliverance and Worship Centre, 421-427 High Road, Tottenham, London.

Ex-Serco chief of custody contracts is a director of firm also involved with MoJ. Paul Rennie left company in same month as ministry launched investigation and has moved to security group’s subcontractor: here.

Serco given Yarl’s Wood immigration contract despite ‘vast failings’: here.

WOMEN in an infamous refugee detention centre are watched by men at all times — including in intimate situations — a charity warned yesterday. Women for Refugee Women’s (WRW) most recent report on Yarl’s Wood revealed how almost all of the interviewed detainees complained about invasion of privacy including male staff looking on as they were naked, in bed or on the toilet: here.

GREEDY outsourcing behemoth Serco confirmed its total exit from scandal-hit clinical health contracts in a statement to investors yesterday: here.

THE prestigious Caledonian Sleeper train is in danger of going to the dogs, a rail union warned yesterday after the notorious privateer set to take it over plunged into loss. Contractor Serco — which soaks up wads of taxpayers’ cash in lucrative contracts across the public sector — panicked its investors earlier this week as its share value tumbled: here.

USA: COLUMBIA DIVESTING FROM PRIVATE PRISON COMPANIES “Columbia University trustees voted Monday to divest from for-profit prison companies because of concerns about mass incarceration, becoming the first major university to do so.” [HuffPost]

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