Dutch socialists say close US Caribbean bases

This video says about itself:

A military agreement between the United States and Colombia has led to widespread concern in South America.

From the Curaçao news agency:

SP wants to terminate FOL treaty

The SP is the Dutch Socialist Party, the biggest opposition party in parliament.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

THE HAGUE – The SP wants to terminate the FOL treaty between the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the USA. This treaty provides for facilitities at the airports of Curaçao and Aruba for US American military airplanes. These are [supposedly] there for the war on drugs. However, according to president Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, they violate Venezuelan air space regularly, as armed invasion of his country is planned.

New death squads have arisen to replace Colombia’s notorious right-wing paramilitary groups – and they are committing the same acts of terrorism against trade unionists as their predecessors, a prominent US-based rights organisation has warned: here.

Colombian investigative reporters have celebrated the country’s Day of the Journalist by accusing President Alvaro Uribe’s intelligence agency of threatening harassment and spying on them.

Brazil has shocked its Latin American neighbours by admitting that Defence Minister Nelson Jobim was negotiating an agreement with the Pentagon to open a US military base near Rio de Janeiro: here.

Check out interview with Oliver Stone – his new film “South of the Border” tackles political upheaval in Latin America: here.

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