Turkish general strike today

This video from the European Parliament says about itself:

At a meeting of the Committee on International Trade (INTA), Joe Higgins MEP highlights the ongoing strike at Tekel and human rights abuses in Turkey (02-02-10).

There is a general strike in Turkey today.

From Bianet in Turkey:

According to a joint decision taken by six union confederations, millions of workers stopped work today (4 February) from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm to support the workers from the closed down Tekel leaf tobacco factory.

Turkish Confederation of Labour Unions (Türk-İş), the Hak Workers Union Confederation (Hak-İş), the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK), the Civil Servant Unions Confederation (MEMUR-SEN), the Public Workers Unions Confederation of Turkey (KAMU-SEN) and the Confederation of Trade Unions of Public Employees (KESK) took the joint decision for a general strike. Reason for this large-scale action is the government’s insistence to employ the workers of the recently closed down Tekel leaf tobacco factory as “temporary personnel”.

Portugal’s Communists have united with other opposition parties to defeat a government austerity plan: here.

5 thoughts on “Turkish general strike today

  1. Mediators called in to settle dispute

    Finland: The country’s national conciliator has begun to mediate in a labour dispute that threatens to close maritime cargo traffic and cripple the country’s foreign trade.

    Meanwhile, stevedores have stopped handling cargo at a port after similar 24-hour strikes this week.

    The Transport Workers Union wants better job security and working conditions for its members.


    See also here.


  2. Mount Ararat – strike symbol in Turkey
    11:45 / 02/05/2010

    Twenty Turkish alpinists voiced peculiar support to the employees of Turkey’s alcohol and tobacco monopoly Tekel who ware on strike for already 50 days.

    According to Turkish Hurriyet, alpinists ascended top of Mount Ararat and unfurled there “If strikers are not cold, neither do we” banner.

    February 4, a number of trade unions went on joint strike in support of Tekel workers who have been sitting in the streets of Ankara for 50 days.

    As NEWS.am reported earlier, Turkey intends to cut the wages and rights of 13.000 Tekel employees and put them on 4/C system. Turkish leadership does not make concessions and claims that strikers break the law. Under the 4/C system, employees will get 950 liras (AMD 280.000) instead of previous 1300 (AMD 350.000) and deprived of trade union membership.



    See also here.


  3. Arrests at protest against job cuts

    Turkey: Police detained dozens of protesters on Wednesday who had briefly occupied a Spanish culture centre in Istanbul to draw attention to the plight of 10,000 tobacco workers laid off by the Turkish government.

    The protesters had unfurled banners from the Cervantes Institute’s windows while shouting slogans urging the government to meet workers’ demands for new jobs.

    The workers have demonstrated across Turkey for weeks after being fired when state firm Tekel was sold to British American Tobacco.



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