6 thoughts on “Iraq war inquiry, secret or open?

  1. 5 House Progressives Can End the Wars

    Just 39 House Progressives could end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan (Af/Pak) by opposing the Pentagon’s demand for another $95 billion. That’s because all 178 Republicans will vote no over $5 billion for the IMF.

    Nearly 15,000 of you emailed your Representatives, and 34 House Progressives responded to you by opposing the $95 billion. So now we need just 5 more. 15 are leaning no, and 20 are undecided.

    Tell Congress: Healthcare Not Warfare

    Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake is doing heroic work to lobby progressive Democrats. Watch her video message to activists:

    We’re using a cool phoning tool that lets you call all the swing House Democrats for free: http://www.causecaller.com/causes.php?c=Say_No_to_$95B_War_Supplemental
    We have a quick script, and you can call any time of day or night.

    If you use Twitter, you can “retweet” five quick messages to key Members of Congress:

    You can follow my tweets here:
    And you can follow our action-only tweets here:

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik


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