Blackwater defrauded taxpayers in Iraq

This video says about itself:

Iraq For Sale – 1:15:34

Robert Greenwald‘s film about corporate corruption in Iraq, including Blackwater, Caci, Halliburton. Film examines vested interests in the connections between these companies and politicians. Produced for Brave New Films.

From the Wall Street Journal in the USA: (known, already before its takeover by arch-warmonger Rupert Murdoch, as the “War Street Journal“; so, my Rightist readers, don’t start any “liberal media” nonsensical moaning):

JUNE 16, 2009

Audit Finds That U.S. Overpaid Blackwater


WASHINGTON — A government audit found that the State Department overpaid the contract-security firm once known as Blackwater Worldwide by tens of millions of dollars because the company failed to properly staff its teams in Iraq.

The report didn’t identify any specific security breaches, but it said the State Department should have withheld at least $55 million in payments to the company because of the shortfalls.

The audit by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction and the State Department’s Inspector General said the firm didn’t employ enough guards, medics, marksmen and dog handlers to fully man the teams, which were responsible for protecting the U.S. ambassador to Iraq and other high-level officials.

The failure to consistently field the right numbers of guards endangered the U.S. officials whom the company was being paid to protect, the report concluded.

“We believe the full manning of protective details is important to the safety of the principal being protected, as well as to the members of the protective details,” the audit noted. “Insufficient manning exposed the department to unnecessary risk.”

The audit also found that Blackwater, which this year changed its name to Xe, sometimes overcharged for airfare to and from Iraq and failed to properly account for some equipment received from the U.S. government. …

The audit is the latest report to raise questions about Blackwater, which was for years the best known Western contractor in Iraq. Under the new name, Xe, the company is seeking new contracts worth tens of millions of dollars in Afghanistan for services ranging from training Afghan personnel to flying cargo for the U.S. military.

Blackwater wound down its Iraq operations earlier this year, after the Iraqi government refused to renew its operating license because of a 2007 shooting incident involving one of its security teams in which 17 Iraqis died. In December, U.S. prosecutors charged five former Blackwater guards with manslaughter and weapons charges for their alleged roles in the incident. Families of several of the dead Iraqis have also sued Blackwater in federal court seeking financial compensation.

The company also faces civil and criminal scrutiny stemming from the alleged killing of an Iraqi guard by a Blackwater employee inside Baghdad’s heavily protected Green Zone on Christmas Eve 2006.

In Afghanistan, four U.S. contractors affiliated with Xe are under U.S. military investigation in the shooting of a civilian vehicle in Kabul last month, wounding at least two Afghan civilians.

Blackwater Seeks Gag Order: here.

Furious protests threaten to undermine the Iraqi government’s controversial plan to give international oil companies a stake in its giant oilfields in a desperate effort to raise declining oil production and revenues: here.

7 thoughts on “Blackwater defrauded taxpayers in Iraq

  1. Blackwater implicated in extraordinary renditions

    Posted by: “Compañero”
    Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:58 am (PDT)

    Blackwater implicated in extraordinary€ ¦ renditions

    Fri Jul€ ¦ 10,€ ¦ 2009 6:27€ ¦ am (PDT)

    BLACKWATER – Dosen’t this make you feel all warm & fuzzy?

    Lawsuit now accuses Xe contractors of murder, kidnapping

    Source URL (retrieved on 07/09/2009 – 21:49):

    A just-amended lawsuit alleges six additional instances of unprovoked attacks on Iraqi civilians by Blackwater contractors.

    Three people, including a 9-year-old boy, are said to have died.

    Also added to the suit is a racketeering count accusing Blackwater founder Erik Prince of running an ongoing criminal enterprise involved in, among other things, kidnapping and child prostitution.

    The latest charges, filed this week in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, bring to more than 60 the number of Iraqis allegedly killed or wounded since 2005 by armed Blackwater contractors guarding U.S. diplomatic personnel in Iraq.

    The Moyock, N.C.-based security company, since renamed Xe, earned more than $1 billion under that contract before the State Department, under pressure from the Iraqi government, let it lapse in May.

    One of the new plaintiffs is the estate of Akram Khalid Sa’ed Jasim, 9, who died when Blackwater shooters allegedly opened fire on a minivan returning from the Baghdad airport on July 1, 2007. The boy was traveling with his extended family, who had gone to the airport to apply for passports.

    The Blackwater guards also shot the boy’s mother in the back as she bent over trying to shield her 3-month-old daughter, who nevertheless was shot in the face, according to the lawsuit. The boy’s father, uncle and cousin also were wounded.

    The racketeering count added to the suit this week accuses Prince’s companies of engaging in murder, weapons smuggling, money laundering, tax evasion, kidnapping, child prostitution, illegal drug use and destruction of evidence.

    The companies are accused of carrying out three or more kidnappings using three airplanes, identified in the suit by their tail numbers. Susan Burke, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, said Wednesday that the kidnappings appear to have been so-called “extraordinary renditions” in which suspects are taken to other countries for interrogation.

    The child prostitution charge involves young Iraqi girls allegedly being brought to the Blackwater compound in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, identified in the lawsuit as the “Blackwater Man Camp,” to provide oral sex to contractors for $1.

    The purpose of the racketeering allegations is to demonstrate a “pattern of illegality” by Xe and its affiliated companies, Burke said.

    If the court rules against Xe on the racketeering count, it could dissolve the company or place restrictions on its future activities.

    “What we’re very, very worried about is this company hurting other people going forward around the globe,” Burke said. “They’re moving into Africa, they’re moving into other places, and we believe they need judicial supervision.”

    Anne Tyrrell, a Xe spokeswoman, said the company “rejects these allegations, which are largely identical to past allegations made by the same group of attorneys in other, unrelated cases.”

    Bill Sizemore, (757) 446-2276


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