British invasion of Pakistan?

This is a video about a US missile attack in a village in Pakistan.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Brown threatens a new Vietnam

Wednesday 29 April 2009

by Roger Bagley in Parliament

NEVER-ENDING TRAIL: British troops could be sent into Pakistan

Prime Minister Gordon Brown threatened to plunge Britain into the quagmire of bloody war in nuclear-armed Pakistan on Wednesday.

Mr Brown shocked left Labour MPs in the Commons when he refused to rule out sending British troops into Pakistan in a dangerous extension of the war in Afghanistan.

He launched a new strategy document on “the way forward” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, revealing that the cost of the war is expected to rise to £3 billion this year – compared with £750 million three years ago. …

Left MP Alan Simpson put Mr Brown on the spot by demanding an assurance that neither British regular forces nor British special forces would be crossing the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

His face grimmer than ever, Mr Brown could only mumble: “That is not the issue.”

Failing to give an assurance, he simply waffled on about the importance of giving support to the Afghan and Pakistan armies in their fight against terrorism.

An angry Mr Simpson told the Morning Star afterwards: “It is very worrying if the Prime Minister cannot rule out British troop activity that would be illegal under international law.”

He added: “If this is what British troops get sucked into, it will be a quagmire for us all.”

Left MP Jeremy Corbyn also received a shifty answer from Mr Brown when he asked the Prime Minister: “Is it not just a matter of time before the conflict spreads over to Pakistan, and British troops will be deployed there?”

Mr Corbyn warned that the situation was beginning to look just like the way that the US was “sucked deeper into Vietnam and ended up in a humiliating retreat 15 years later.”

Mr Brown told MPs that he was launching an “updated strategy for our actions in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

He confessed that “our strategy is exactly the same as the American strategy announced a month ago.” …

A few minutes earlier, he [Brown] had offered condolences to the family of the 153rd British soldier to die in Afghanistan, who had been serving with the 1st Battalion of the Welsh Guards.

British aid for Pakistan’s development programme would be increased to £665 million over the next four years, he said.

Stop the War convener Lindsey German warned that Mr Brown had launched the most serious development in the so-called “war on terror” since the invasion of Iraq.

Britain would now be involved in the likelihood of a war involving the nuclear-armed country of Pakistan, she feared.

“This looks like being Obama’s Vietnam,” she added.

“What Gordon Brown should be doing is announcing the withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan.”

During the real Vietnam war, the British Prime Minister then, Harold Wilson, though stupid enough to support the US government politically, at least was intelligent enough not to send British soldiers to Vietnam …

GORDON Brown suffered a shock defeat in the Commons on Wednesday on his government’s policy of restricting the right of former Gurkhas to settle in Britain: here.

With her triumphant espousal of the Gurkhas’ cause, a much-loved actress [Joanna Lumley] has added political clout to her very English brand of charm: here.

ARMS manufacturer BAe Systems has said that it is to close three factories with the loss of 500 jobs because of the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq: here.

10 thoughts on “British invasion of Pakistan?

  1. Suspected US missile strike kills six in Pakistan


    Suspected US missile strike kills six in Pakistan AFP/USAF/File – A missile strike by a suspected US drone has killed at least six militants in northwest Pakistan’s …

    Wed Apr 29, 12:05 pm ET

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) – A missile strike by a suspected US drone on Wednesday killed at least six militants in northwest Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan, officials said.

    The strike took place in Kanni Garam village of restive South Waziristan tribal district.

    “Six people were killed after a missile fired from a spy plane hit a vehicle,” a security official told AFP.

    A local administration official and intelligence officials confirmed the missile strike.

    “Those who had been killed in the strike are mostly Taliban militants,” the security official said.

    “A nearby house was also damaged in the missile strike,” another security official said.

    Earlier an official said that according to initial reports a house was hit in the missile strike.

    Local resident Israr Jan said that he saw a missile hit a vehicle parked outside a house.

    “We were standing at some distance and saw a vehicle being hit by a missile fired from a spy plane,” Jan said.

    Semi-autonomous South Waziristan is a stronghold of Pakistan’s top Taliban commander, Baitullah Mehsud, who recently threatened to avenge missile strikes with attacks across the country and in the United States.

    Earlier this month six suspected militants were killed in two similar strikes in the area.

    The missile attacks follow US President Barack Obama’s unveiling of a strategy to defeat extremists in South Asia that puts Pakistan at the heart of the fight against Al-Qaeda.

    However, Pakistan’s government is opposed to the attacks by unmanned aircraft, which it says violate its territorial sovereignty and deepen resentment among Pakistanis.

    Around 370 people, including suspected militants, have died in around 39 such attacks since August 2008.

    Pakistan has paid dearly for its alliance with the US in its “war on terror,” with militant attacks killing more than 1,700 people since July 2007.

    The US military does not, as a rule, confirm drone attacks, but its armed forces and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operating in neighbouring Afghanistan are the only forces that deploy drones in the region.


  2. GEO Pakistan

    Unavailability of justice made people turn to Taliban: Aitzaz

    Updated at: 1401 PST, Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Unavailability of justice made people turn to Taliban: Aitzaz ISLAMABAD: Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Associaton (SCBA) Aitzaz Ahsan has said that the people turned to the Taliban due to unavailability of justice.

    Talking to journalists here on Tuesday, Aitzaz said that the people had been denied justice for the last two years during Justice Dogar’s tenure. Lauding media’s efforts in provison of justice, Aitzaz said it played a pivotal role in projecting issues of national concern. He said it was not the jurisdiction of any government to terminate the services of judges.


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