19 thoughts on “Blair’s lucrative job with Colombian death squad government

  1. “Quasi-fascist”? You must be another quasi-retard who speaks out their a$$ with absolutely and positively no knowledge whatsoever about Colombia or their government. This is nothing but a disinformation propaganda campaign you’re running here, and which has no basis in truth or reality.

    It’s so-called “journalists” like yourself who should try thoroughly investigating your subject matter and engaging your brain before engaging the keyboard and spewing more of the same propaganda.

    Every single national leader on the planet should take a page from the Uribe playbook and learn how to take a country in shambles and transforming it into a country built on sheer progress.

    Readers take note of the old addage: “Don’t believe everything you read”, because it applies to the “article” here without a doubt. Nothing but regurgitated, baseless propaganda.


  2. All the Uribe propaganda in the world by people like MDP does not change facts like 1) Uribe has been called a major drug dealer in United States government documents. 2) About half of the trade unionists in the world who get murdered, get murdered in Colombia.

    Oh yes, I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. But that difference is probably too subtle for a death squad apologist like you. And “quasi-fascist” is of course a quote from British human rights organizations as quoted by the real journalist (of daily The Morning Star).


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