More child labour in Colombia

This 1998 video is called Paramilitary Death Squads – Colombia.

Colombia. The poster child in South America for pro-capitalist “free market” ideologists.

Colombia, where there are not such horrible things like democratically elected Leftist governments, like in Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

Colombia, where there are death squads to prevent such horrors.

Colombia, the country of about half the murders of trade unionists in the whole world, year after year.

Colombia, land of child labour.

This video is about child labour.

From Colombia Reports:

1.5 million children in Colombia subject to child labor

Thursday, 23 August 2012 14:09

Courtney Scott

Colombia’s government statistics agency said Thursday that 13% of the country’s children are involved in child labor.

Colombia’s National Statistics Department (DANE) reported that approximately 1.5 million children between the ages of five and 17 were dedicated to labor activity in 2011, sometimes along with school and chores at home.

This is a large increase from the last poll that was taken in 2009, showing a 9.2% rate of child labor.

… it is more associated with adolescents between the ages of four and 14 years old than it is with young adults older than 14 years of age.

Will Colombia’s Protesting Workers Be Heard? Here.

David Bacon, Truthout in the USA: The Colombia Free Trade Agreement opens Colombia to foreign corporations and investment, creating an improved environment for the exploitation of natural resources and labor. Union leaders, activists, farmers, indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples are paying the price – in blood: here.

In its latest report on the issue, “Marking Progress Against Child Labour: Global Estimates and Trends,” the International Labour Organization (ILO) said that in 2012 at least 168 million children were working in conditions that fell under its definition of “unacceptable” or exploitative child labour: here.

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