British solidarity with threatened Colombian workers

This video says about itself:

URGENT: Protect Colombian human rights defender Alfamir Castillo’s life TODAY

Apr 5, 2013

Alfamir’s son was murdered by the Colombian army, and now she and her family are facing death threats and persecution. In this short video, she talks about her son’s murder and the situation she is facing. Please take action today to support her at

By Luke James in Britain:

Delegates pledge solidarity with Colombian workers

Thursday 20 June 2013

The British government and multinationals are “up to their arm pits” in the blood of Colombian trade unionists, Unison delegates were told today.

Over 200 trade unionists have been murdered by the country’s military since 2007 in the war between the right-wing government and Farc rebels.

Delegates who have travelled to Colombia told the conference how Britain’s elite are helping to make it the most dangerous place on Earth to be a trade unionist.

Bristol delegate Dennis Wise said: “One of the key causes of what’s going on in Colombia has been the drive to privatisation and neoliberal economics, led mainly in the interests of western multinational corporations.”

He said that Colombia’s government represented the interests of Britain and the US in a region dominated by popular left-wing governments and revealed that British troops were involved in a “military aid trip” last year.

But the conference also heard how Britain’s trade unionists are helping comrades in Colombia and delegates voted unanimously to extend their union’s contribution to the campaign for peace.

Unison’s northern region said that they are giving financial support to Alfamir Castillo, a woman who has received death threats from right-wing paramilitaries for daring to bring her son’s killers to justice.

And Northern Ireland delegate Eoin Stuart said Unison recently persuaded politicians from all parties to support the campaign and help show Colombian leaders that peace can work.

“We know that politicians in Colombia respect the Northern Ireland peace process and it is having a huge impact in Colombia,” he said.

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