Junk British Trident nukes, generals say

This video shows that on 24th February 2007 60,000 people marched through the streets of London in protest at the UK Governments policies on Iraq, Iran and nuclear weapons.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Top brass say junk ‘useless’ nukes

(Friday 16 January 2009)


PEACE campaigners welcomed a surprise attack on new Labour’s desire to blow £76 billion on renewing the “completely useless” Trident nuclear arsenal on Friday – by retired top military officers.

The vast sums being spent on replacing the ageing submarine-based missile system could be better spent on conventional weapons, which are more urgently needed by the armed forces, they argued.

Former head of the armed forces Field Marshal Lord Bramall, backed by retired army generals Lord Ramsbotham and Sir Hugh Beach, explained that “the so-called independent deterrent cannot be seen as independent of the United States in any meaningful sense.”

They noted that Trident “relies on the United States for the provision and regular servicing of the D5 missiles.

The UN atomic watchdog has confirmed that there is no evidence Iran will produce nuclear weapons in the near future: here.

16 thoughts on “Junk British Trident nukes, generals say

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