13 thoughts on “US Republicans support murdering Colombian trade unionists

  1. Public sector workers and students strike, march in cities throughout Colombia

    Public sector workers and students carried out protest actions in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and other locales throughout Colombia on October 7. The strikes, marches and rallies were convoked by the CUT and CGT labor federations and by student organizations to call attention to issues confronting Colombian workers and students.

    One is the increasing use of casual laborers (tercerizados) to provide services formerly performed by public sector workers. Another is the passage of the Free Trade Agreement with the US, currently awaiting approval in the Colombian congress. Demands around health care, job security, collective bargaining and human rights also figure in the protests.

    In Bogota, about 6,000 protesters marched “to protest because the government has not fulfilled its promise to expedite a decree that would guarantee collective bargaining in the public sector and eradicate hiring of workers indirectly,” according to El Universal.

    Supposedly out of fear of potential violence, Bogota’s mayor deployed over 1,500 police to the protest march, which was peaceful, and eventually dispersed because of a heavy downpour of rain. Colombia is notorious for the impunity with which paramilitary groups carry out the murder and disappearance of trade unionists and other activists. Twenty-two unionists have been killed so far this year.

    The students’ participation in the march was connected to this state of affairs, since 16 of the murdered union figures were in the education sector. In addition to their denunciation of the violence against workers, the students protested “reforms” that would push toward privatization of education.



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