Scottish petition against Abu Ghraib torture corporation CACI

This is a video from CNN in the USA about torture in Abu Ghraib.

From Scotland Against Criminalising Communities:

An ethical Scottish census in 2011

To: The Scottish Government

We, the undersigned, are gravely concerned that CACI Ltd, a wholly-owned UK subsidiary of a company that has been involved in interrogating prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, has been awarded a Scottish Census 2011 contract for census printing and data capture services (Sunday Herald, 27th July 2008).

We think that it is wrong to give millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to a subsidiary of a firm that helped run Abu Ghraib, where prisoners were systematically subjected to appalling abuse.

We also think that it is wrong to ask Scots to give personal information to a company whose parent company is closely linked to the US military and intelligence communities.

We think that the Scottish Government’s decision to work with CACI is in conflict with its opposition to the war in Iraq and with its duty to uphold human rights. And we fear that the Scottish Government’s relationship with CACI may in future prevent it speaking out about concerns over the activities of CACI and other private contractors in war zones around the world.

We the undersigned call on the Scottish Government to cancel the contract awarded to CACI Ltd and to take steps to ensure that the Scottish people can have confidence in the ethical probity of the 2011 Census.

The petition “An ethical Scottish census in 2011” was created and written by Richard Haley and Julia Davidson and is hosted online by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities.

What’s up with UK census? In England arms dealer Lockheed gets contract, in Scotland Abu Ghraib torturers: here.

CACI, whose contractors tortured prisoners, seeking payment from former Abu Ghraib prisoners: here.

14 thoughts on “Scottish petition against Abu Ghraib torture corporation CACI

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