Iraq mercenaries scandal in Britain

This video is the film Iraq for Sale, about mercenaries in the Iraq war.

From British daily The Independent:

Labour peer in standards inquiry

Watchdog called in as complaint is made over Lord Mackenzie and an Iraqi minister in exile

By Michael Gillard

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate, the Labour peer and former Home Office adviser, is being investigated over his activities as the paid chairman of a private security firm.

A parliamentary watchdog is examining a complaint that the peer used his position in the Lords to further the business interests of the firm, Haymarket Management Services. Separately, Scotland Yard said it is considering a complaint about the security assistance provided by Haymarket to an Iraqi politician wanted in Baghdad in connection with a $1.3bn (£900m) fraud inquiry.

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) complaint is the latest salvo in a long dispute. West Midlands Police is already investigating an allegation made by Lord Mackenzie against Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei, the president of the National Black Police Association. The peer used House of Lords headed paper to make the complaint about Commander Dizaei’s conduct. The Clerk to Parliament is now investigating the use of Lords’ letterhead. It is also looking into whether rules were broken when Lord Mackenzie hosted a reception for Haymarket in the Peers dining room in June 2006.

A separate claim against the peer is that Heathrow security was breached when the Iraqi politician entered Britain with the apparent approval of the authorities, despite being the subject of an international arrest warrant.

The politician was Hazim al-Shaalan, an Iraqi exile whom the Foreign Office and Washington plucked from obscurity to become the country’s first defence minister in 2004. The Shia politician travelled between the two countries on a British passport.

However, an Iraqi anti-corruption judge issued a warrant a year later after investigators claimed to have found a black hole in the ministry’s accounts and a trail of bank transfers to Jordan. Mr Shaalan and 23 others were accused of embezzling $800m in an arms deal with Poland and Pakistan. He engaged Haymarket apparently in the belief that the security firm’s political and police connections would help in lobbying the Home Office and US authorities over the investigation.

Haymarket is believed to have earned £300,000 for protecting the Iraqi for several months between late 2005 and 2006 while he attempted to establish his innocence. The politician never returned to Iraq to stand trial but was sentenced in absentia to seven years for fraud in May 2007.

Scotland Yard recently sent one of its detectives to examine a dossier of witness statements, emails and other documents relating to the firm’s activities during this period.

One witness, an intermediary between Haymarket and Mr Shaalan, claims a representative of the firm boasted that he could put together a snatch squad of ex-British special forces to bring an Iraqi minister, who was under house arrest in Baghdad, back to the UK. The operation was codenamed Tooth Extraction.

The witness, an Iraqi businessman based in London, also claims the same Haymarket representative said he could arrange to “break into any person’s office or home to remove computer equipment for the sum of £15,000”.

The Iraqi politician is understood to have paid Haymarket directly and by transferring money through the client account of Dean & Dean, his solicitors.

He arrived at Heathrow on 8 October 2005. The arrest warrant had been issued days earlier in Iraq, but may not have been received by Interpol. Nevertheless, it is alleged that Haymarket may have used police contacts to facilitate the politician’s entry without going through normal immigration controls.

Amid the ongoing claims of victory in Iraq, American forces and the pro-US government have come into conflict with predominantly Sunni Arab militias that were bribed into ending their resistance to the occupation during the “surge” in 2007: here.

Iraq: British troops withdrawal does not mean peace: here.

4 thoughts on “Iraq mercenaries scandal in Britain

  1. From: Gerry Condon

    Subject: Kimberly Rivera Wins Stay of Deportation!!

    Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 8:55 PM
    € ¦
    Dear Friends,

    Kimberly Rivera, an Iraq War resister,€ ¦ has€ ¦ won a stay of her deportation from Canada.€ ¦

    Rivera, the first woman U.S. soldier to seek political refugee status in Canada, had been ordered to leave Canada by tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, or be deported back to the U.S., along with her husband and three young children, including even a nursing infant.€ ¦

    Limited initial information indicates that a judge in Canada’s Federal Court€ ¦ decided that€ ¦ the Conserative government’s€ ¦ denial of€ ¦ Rivera’s request to remain in Canada on “Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds” was flawed.€ ¦ Flawed because It did not take into account evidence that the U.S. military is giving disproportionately harsher sentences to GIs who€ ¦ have been public and outspoken about their objections to fighting in Iraq.

    Now that is something to write about.€ ¦ AND to celebrate!

    This€ ¦ could be only a temporary legal victory, one that€ ¦ might be reversed.
    € ¦
    But it will probably buy Kim Rivera at least a couple more months in Canada (my early guesstimate).

    With all the media attention on the Conservative government’s insistence on deporting the Rivera family (not to mention their denial of a visa to former British MP George Galloway), this can only be seen as a legal and political victory.€ ¦

    It is probably€ ¦ a victory that can be built upon.

    Good momentum and more time for us to organize ourselves.

    Thanks for all that you are doing.

    for peace and justice,


  2. Noblesse Oblige

    edited by John Rety

    Wednesday 25 March 2009

    by Adrian Brown

    The fierce commotions of the dozen years
    Just past, have quite transformed our House of Lords.

    New Labour, swept to governmental glory,
    Observed their Lordships tend to vote as Tory,

    So, to correct this obsolete tradition,
    (And sweep away encrusted opposition)

    They axed the rule by acccident of birth,
    And filled our Upper Chamber up with worth,

    Bold men of stature, enterprising, wise,
    Were judged more fitting for this grand franchise,

    While worthy women too received awards
    Installing Ladies in the House of Lords.

    One matter though still merits our inspection
    And that concerns the manner of selection

    For those put forward for such an elevation
    Let’s scotch all hints of backstairs Levy-tation,

    Like scurrillous hacks suggesting there’ve been offers
    Of cash replenishment for party coffers;

    That chaps instead of wives lay down their dosh
    For peerages! This charge just will not wash,

    For it implies the dealings of democracy
    Just replicate a venal aristocracy;

    Though whereas whores of yore must paint to please,
    We moderns get the naked face of sleaze!

    But if degrading upgrades once held sway,
    There’s nothing like them on the cards today,

    Our PC system draws – we’re told first hand
    New nobles from the noblest in the land,

    Each one, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion,
    And filling every ethical condition
    Required for a patrician … politician.
    About the poet

    Adrian Brown has returned to his love of writing, after a 30-year career in theatre and television. His latest book of poetry is The Ram In The Thicket.

    The Well Versed anthology will be released soon. Watch out for further details.


  3. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: [COAT] Canada’s Iraq War Profiteers at CANSEC: War Export Report
    Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 10:46:09 -0400

    Please distribute this widely.

    Profiting from the Slaughter of Innocents in Iraq:
    An Exposé on Canada’s Iraq War Profiteers at the CANSEC Weapons Bazaar and their export of key parts & services for major US weapons systems used in Iraq

    Campaign to S top CANSEC! Online Petition! CANSEC Factsheet! Support COAT!
    Ottawa Planning Meeting: Mon., April 6 Ottawa Rally/Candlelight Vigil: Wed., May 27

    The Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), a Canadian anti-war network based in Ottawa, has published a detailed report exposing Canadian corporate complicity in the Iraq War. This report highlights Canadian war industry exports for 39 varieties of war planes deployed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq since March 2003.

    COAT’s report lists 130 Canadian military companies and provides hundreds of internet links on the key products and services they have provided for many of the world’s deadliest weapons systems used in Iraq.

    The three dozen data tables in this exposé also reveal corporate links to the so-called Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries (CADSI). This federal government-funded lobby group is the organizer of CANSEC — Canada’s largest military export bazaar. CADSI’s upcoming CANSEC 2009 trade show will be hosted at the City of Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park, May 27-28, 2009. This directly contravenes the City’s 1989 motion banning all arms exhibitions from municipal facilities. This ban resulted from COAT’s first campaign, exactly 20 years ago.

    Among the military companies belonging to CADSI, is Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien’s Calian Technologies. SED Systems, a wholly owned division of Calian, will again exhibit its wares at the CANSEC war show this May. SED’s ” Manportable Surveillance & Target Acquisition Radar” has been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Read three Citizen articles on CANSEC and the Mayor’s conflict of interest in promoting the CANSEC weapons exhibition. Calian products are embedded in the following war planes used in the Iraq War that are detailed in this COAT report:
    C-130 “Hercules” F-117 “Night Hawk” RQ-4 “Global Hawk” U-2 “Dragon Lady” F/A-18 “Hornet”
    Calian products are also employed in the MQ-8B “Fire Scout,” a killer aerial robot drone equipped with laser-guided missiles, that is slated for deployment in Iraq.

    Most Canadians strongly oppose the Iraq war and would be shocked to learn that so many companies in this country have aiding and abetting that illegal invasion and occupation. Some 1.3 million Iraqis have been killed as a direct result of the war since the “shock and awe” aerial bombardments of 2003. The Canadian government has also supported the Iraq War in many other significant ways besides allowing, and often financing, Canadian military production and exports destined for America’s top weapons technology.

    Click here to access COAT’s full report containing numerous data tables exposing details about Canadian war industry exporters complicit in the Iraq War and their links to the upcoming CANSEC arms bazaar in Ottawa.

    Please circulate this report and join us in opposing CANSEC.

    Richard Sanders,
    Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
    Editor, COAT’s magazine, Press for Conversion!
    Author of report, Profiting from the Slaughter of Innocents in Iraq


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