UK: Blair-BAE Systems arms corruption scandal news

This video is called BAE Systems Confront Massive New Corruption and Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Allegations.

From a YouTube text, which is no longer on YouTube:

Time: Your [Tony Blair’s] wife chaired a press conference about the bad treatment of women in Afghanistan.

What about Saudi Arabia?

Do you approve on the way women are treated there?

Blair: I’m not going to get into the business of attacking the Saudi system.

From Craig Murray’s blog:

June 7, 2007

BAE Corruption

Bin Laden and most of the 9/11 team came from Saudi Arabia.

In response we keep invading other countries by mistake.

The so-called Attorney-General ordered the Serious Fraud Office to stop the investigation into BAE’s massive bribery payments to Saudi Arabia because of “national security”.

By this, he meant that the Saudis might stop giving us “intelligence” from their torture chambers if we persisted.

The Saudis are even allowed to torture British people if they feel like it:

“Three Britons and a Canadian have been denied the right to sue Saudi Arabian officials they say tortured them.

A Law Lords ruling allowed an appeal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against a 2004 Court of Appeal decision for the men to be able to sue for damages.

The four had been jailed after being accused of taking part in a bombing campaign in Saudi Arabia six years ago.

Saudi Arabia, supported by the British government, argues that its officials are protected by state immunity.”

It was fitting that the first stop on Blair’s World Tour was Libya, where he did deals with Gadaffi for BP and British Aerospace.

No Prime Minister ever did more for the oil and defence industries.

But somewhere in the BBC, somebody is rediscovering their nerve.

Take advantage of it before they get sacked to watch what looks like an interesting Panorama programme on June 11.

BBC investigation

“A Saudi prince who negotiated a £40bn arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia received secret payments for over a decade, a BBC probe has found.

The UK’s biggest arms dealer, BAE Systems, paid hundreds of millions of pounds to the ex-Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

The payments were made with the full knowledge of the Ministry of Defence.

Prince Bandar would not comment on the investigation and BAE Systems said it acted lawfully at all times.

The MoD said information about the Al Yamamah deal was confidential.

Private plane

The investigation found that up to £120m a year was sent by BAE Systems from the UK into two Saudi embassy accounts in Washington.

The BBC’s Panorama programme has established that these accounts were actually a conduit to Prince Bandar for his role in the 1985 deal to sell more than 100 warplanes to Saudi Arabia.

The purpose of one of the accounts was to pay the expenses of the prince’s private Airbus.

David Caruso, an investigator who worked for the American bank where the accounts were held, said Prince Bandar had been taking money for his own personal use out of accounts that seemed to belong to his government.

He said: “There wasn’t a distinction between the accounts of the embassy, or official government accounts as we would call them, and the accounts of the royal family.”

Mr Caruso said he understood this had been going on for “years and years”.

“Hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars were involved,” he added.

Investigation stopped

According to Panorama’s sources, the payments were written into the arms deal contract in secret annexes, described as “support services”.

They were authorised on a quarterly basis by the MoD.

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