Corrupt merchants of death BAE Systems get their paws on British education

This music video from England is called ‘Go Go USA’, by Red Dirt. It says about itself:

Second music video for unsigned folk acoustic band Red Dirt. Title track for the album ‘Go Go USA’, this video was filmed at the Northhayne Farm Cottages, North Devon on 4th Feb 2007.

During the war between Iraq and Iran the USA & Britain sold weapons to both sides, it was a good war for the arms trade, in both Gulf wars share prices have rocketed in companys involved in the arms trade, in Britain the arms company BAE systems is involved in a corruption scandel with one of the most brutal of all dictatorships – Saudi Arabia, and Tony Blair’s government covers it up (it would be bad for the arms trade to expose it) meanwhile he has just signed an arms deal with Libya – yes… you can have weapons of mass destruction… as long as their ours. “The sane have gone insane?” or have they always been that way!

From British daily The Guardian:

Corruption row arms firm offers £400,000 to sponsor academy

David Leigh

Tuesday December 11, 2007

The arms company BAE Systems has offered £400,000 to sponsor an academy in Barrow-in-Furness, the Cumbrian town where the company builds nuclear submarines.

The proposal is likely to be controversial because the arms giant is currently under criminal investigation in Britain, the US and Europe over corruption allegations.

It has also attracted hostility from local parents on educational grounds.

Cumbria county council confirmed the BAE proposal last week during local consultations, after months of rumours. The council is expected to make a decision about whether to go ahead early in the new year. The scheme would replace three local schools with a single academy.

What next in the sorry saga of the privatization of British education, started by Tony Blair, now continuing under Gordon Brown?

Schools bought by Anthroposophy which includes beliefs in aliens on planets Mars and Venus? It has already happened. Schools bought by the Heaven’s Gate cult? No, they already committed collective suicide. Schools bought by Scientology?

Schools bought by drug dealers like the Pinochets in Chile?

Qinetiq: Gordon Brown’s privatised defence scandal. Sell-off reveals close links between New Labour and US military corporations: here.

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